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Nov 1, 2006 12:14 PM

Best Compliments from Guests

After reading & thinking about recent threads regarding entertaining, I'd love to hear from people about great compliments on their food preparation efforts. There's nothing better than appreciative guests, don't you think? Makes it all worthwhile & makes you want to invite them over and over again.
Here are some of my best compliments:
My best friend, who has complimented my cooking with words, is also appreciative judging from his actions, such as these:
1. Drinking up the remaining dressing from empty salad bowl
2. Tossing head back, eyes closed, & taking in the flavors of the food, 'coming back' with his eyes shining & a smile!
3. When asked which dessert (when there are more than one), he says: a piece of each, of course! Same with a soup choice, he will have 2 even 3 different ones!
Another shy, quiet & polite friend, when he asked the origin of the recipe for my spinach pie & I replied Greece, he abruptly exclaimed "f**k the Greek!" in a tone that convinced me that it was definitely a compliment! :) I broke out in laughter after that one!
Another experience:
I recently made apple pies, a pumpking pie, muffins and a plum/berry crumble (not on the same day) for guests visiting from France and they were so appreciate. They said the 'pastries' I make are the absolute best and that they don't make good pastries like that in France. Imagine! They're being nice, but it's so flattering.

Share some of yours!

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  1. A very well known chef once told me my Osso Bucco was the best he ever had...I was pretty proud of myself. :)

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      The only compliment that makes me really grin is "this is the best ________ I have ever had." All else sort of falls short, especially given that everyone nowadays seems so amazed when ANYONE actually cooks ANYTHING.

    2. The nicest compliment I ever heard was made by a well-known baker and pastry chef from New York (he baked a birthday cake for Pres. Clinton) about a little girl's oatmeal raisin cookies. She was about 14, just learning to bake. Her cookies were served for dessert alongside the pear tarte tatin. The famous man ate one thoughtfully, breaking the cookie and examining the crumb. He told the child that oatmeal raisin was a difficult cookie because it tended to spread too thinly in the oven but hers were just right. He then ate a second cookie.

      She was in heaven. I thought it was the most wonderfully gracious gesture anyone could have made.

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        This reminds me that because many of us are so into cooking, that we ARE the experts to lots of our friends/family/co-workers and that OUR compliments are taken very much to heart. I am simply a good home cook - but to lots of people I know, I am a 'gourmet cook'. When I give them a compliment and ask for a recipe, some of them just glow! We can give this same feeling that this 14 year old novice cook had!

        1. re: kim shook

          You may be only one person in the world,
          But you may also be the world to one person.

          This came in an e-mail the other day. Sorry, the picture didn't paste.

      2. I recently moved to San Antonio from Montana. I made guacamole for several people, both Mexicans and Anglos who have lived here for years. I've had several people tell me that it was the best they ever had and asked me to bring it to dinner parties.

        I felt this was the best compliment I ever had, especially considering the sources and the abundance of Mexican food here.

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        1. re: saeyedoc

          Could you please post your recipe on the Cooking Board? Would love to try it for snacking while watching the football games this Sunday. TIA

        2. "My children will only eat barbecued ribs at your house."

          1. Not long ago, I'd been talking about paella with a couple of foodie friends, and was surprised they'd never eaten it. So I invited them over for dinner and, obviously, made a huge batch of paella. My recipe feeds 8. The two of them, who probably weigh 180 pounds together, ate the entire thing, and scraped the pot clean.
            I had to make it again about a week later, to use up the rest of the saffron, and so I could have some.

            My ex's best friends once drove from Seattle (to Portland) because she'd mentioned I was making lasagna.

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            1. re: PDXpat

              "and so I could have some."

              That's a great line!