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Nov 1, 2006 11:53 AM

Lala Rohk

Going tonight for first time to celebrate hubs birthday. What's not to be missed on the menu?

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  1. Some dishes I remember, though not by their proper names: the vegetable/grain soup; the soup with little meatballs; either of the yogurt side dishes; the cured whole garlic condiment; lamb shank with dill and favas; veal stew with lentils and carrots; the Cornish game hen kabob; the lamb kabob. It's all very nice, a unique cuisine, and I've gotten outstanding service over the years. Portions are not tiny. Sharing lots of small dishes and splitting entrees is a nice way to go.

    1. We usually opt for ordering almost all of the small dishes and no entrees.

      1. my very fav things were not the entrees, but the yoghurt side and the eggplant app.(the one with tomato in it; very rich dish) THAT i ordered a second to take home.

        1. Second the eggplant app. Awesome. I love this place actually. I really enjoy the Chelo Kabab Sultani, which is one ground sirloin kabob and one sirloin kabob. If you like meat, you will love this. A little rice with some yogurt side....damn that's good.

          Now I'm hungry...

          1. Just last month we feasted on some of the delicious appetizers and sides. Recommend the appetizer sampler, which isn't listed on the menu. Here are the details: