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Nov 1, 2006 06:02 AM

A nice lunch in other suggestions

We'll be there New Year's part of this post includes any suggestions for New Years Day...a Monday to boot. There will be five of us, and since we are staying in an apartment we will be able to "eat in" at the plan is to have our major meals at lunch (to save $$) and do creperies, take-out, and that sort of thing more in the evening. The apartment is near the Rue Mouffetard (sp?) market: any suggestions for take-out near there??

And as for that lunch: My son's girlfriend wants to take us out as a thank you for bringing her along....She wants to spend around 200 Euros for five...and I suspect at least one if not two bottles of wine will be involved. Anything new and different we would enjoy? Any other good lunch suggestions that are closer to the 20-30 Euro/pp range for other days??

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  1. No one seems to be jumping in with answers. I'm not an authority on Paris, by any means (and I wouldn't really call myself a chowhound), but we recently spent a week there. We had rented an apartment and also tended to have our main meals during the day. Chez Denise is often mentioned on this site - we had lunch there (a huge lunch with great frites) and enjoyed it. Chez Clovis is almost beside it and that also looked great. We had a very nice lunch at Bofinger one day -the decor was lovely and we enjoyed our meal. Our most expensive meal was a fixed price dinner at the Winter Garden in Le Meurice hotel. (That's not the dining room, but the lounge beside it.) It seemed quite formal compared to the other places we ate. It was 45 euros for 3 courses and the service was excellent. Drinks were expensive, but it was our last night in Paris, so it was a special night. (We read about Le Meurice on this site.)

    There are lots of posts on Paris, and I also posted a report a few weeks ago (early October), so you could search for that.

    1. I have lived in Paris for many years and would have lots of great restaurants to recommend. You should also check out "mmmm!" review site ( for ideas. If you don't know French has an extensive list of fine restaurants.

      Near Mouffetard, there is a very inexpensive restaurant called "Pot de Terre" located on rue du Pot de Fer that I used to go to regularly despite it being located on one of the most touristy streets of Paris. Another cheap eat is "Chez Papa" where they serve tradionnal food from the southwest.

      I agree that Bofinger is a very nice place if you like Brasserie-style classics such as choucroute alsacienne, confit de canard, and seafood platers. When reserving, ask for a table under la coupole and you won't regret it. This resto is one of many owned by Flo brasseries ( In the same style, but even more expensive, try Le Train Bleu ( The decor is superb.

      Lunch is a good idea as most upscale restaurants have affordable lunch menus. I would suggest bistro sept-quinze, l'Atelier Berger, Le petit Prince, Le Pré Verre, L'Épi Dupin, Le Petit Zinc, Le Fumoir, Le Tire Bouchon...I could go on and on. Most of them are listed on the aforementioned website.
      Another very nice lunch place (for the decor) is the cafe of the Jacquemart-Andre museum where they serve wonderful salads and patisseries, but nothing more refined. (

      Have fun!

      1. I actually have a general question. The SO and I will be in Paris December 28th thru Jan 1st. Without having to make reservations or spending tons of money where is the place to be at midnight in Paris? My plan right now is to hang out in La Bastille but we are so open.


        1. Omigosh! The Cafe Mouffetard has the absolute best Brioche and Croissants! They make them there! I love going there for breakfast, but I'll bet you can buy them to go, as well.

          The place actually looks more like a bar than a breakfast place, so don't be put off. it's down close to the foot of the street.

          I'll be bacl with more great suggestions. I love the 5th!

          1. Le Petit Marguery has been recommended by several people, including on this board, and its about a block from our apartment, so I think we'll choose this as the place for our Saturday lunch out...we can probably go under the 200 euro limit if we don't go overboard on the wine.....

            btw, the link didn't work. Any suggestions on other inexpensive restaurants or good takeout in the neighborhood? Crepe stands??