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Nov 1, 2006 05:14 AM

Pub Grub in Calgary for Nov 1

Hello all,

Going to the Tragically Hip concert Nov 1 at McEwan hall on U of C campus.

I'm not a huge fan of pub grub (maybe haven't had good stuff) but that's where the rest of the group is leaning. Pub grub does seem a little more appropriate prior to a Hip concert than say Divino's (which would've been my first choice...)

Any suggestions for a local pub with good eats? We'd like somewhere in the downtown or kensington so we can take the C train.


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  1. It's wing night, so be careful of going someplace too busy where you can't get in and out in time.

    For Pub's, I can think of a few places. Downtown, there's always the James Joyce. Personally, i like the burgers and sandwiches at Murph's... not sure i would touch the rest of the menu there. A lot of people like the Unicorn, but that place is as stale as the 50 year smoke in there.

    I'm not familiar with any pubs in Kensington anymore.

    A block and a half from the North Hill LRT station is Tipperary's, which is non-smoking, and has good food.

    Another option to consider which would be "appropriate" is Big T's, which is just off the McMahon LRT stop. Big platters of meat... greasy southern food, it'd be a pretty good appetizer to a few bevy's.

    Have a good time at the concert!

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      While I agree that Big T's would be great - I don't think that I would consider it "greasy" - it is slow smoked bbq.

      1. re: Zydeco_Mama

        Sure, the ribs, chicken, and dusty rib ends don't qualify as greasy. Their pulled pork and brisket are fattier cuts, and the fries, deep friend pickles, mac and cheese, would all qualify as greasy to me.

        Anyway, im splitting hairs, but i guess everyone has a different opinion of greasy (or eat different things when they go out to eat).

    2. You could always take the train to Brentwood and go to the Kilkenny. Then either walk or train back to the U of C.

      F.A.T.S Pub is on 10 ST close to the Sunnyside Station. Kensington Pub is good too but a bit further of a walk.

      I also second Tipperary's.

      Enjoy the show!

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      1. re: newJJD

        The food and drink at Kilkenny are excellent. Getting in on wing night is not as easy. Leave yourself plenty of time if you end up going.

      2. Thanks everyone for your responses. Unfortunately before I could say wing night, it was decided we were to go to Ceili's.


        Will hopefully try some of the suggestions sometime soon.

        1. This is an old post but I feel Calgary is pretty lean in good pub food so I want to give a huge shout out to the Wildwood Brewpub in mission. It's underneath the restaurant proper but the chef does the same menu in a Lumiere/Feenie's sort of way and the food is excellent. Lots of interesting takes on burgers and easy pastas with details like mixed potato/yam fries as a side.

          I personally found Bit T's pretty gross and the food at the Kilkenny is made by the same kids flipping your burger at wendy's.

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            Nice to hear that the Wildwood is still doing well. It has been quite awhile since my last visit but on that occasion I had good beer downstairs in the pub and an outstanding meal in the restaurant.