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Nov 1, 2006 04:41 AM

FAMIMA! now open in downtown LA [moved from L.A. board]

Dropped by tonight.

Sort of empty.

Really don't understand the big deal about this place - would much rather prefer a 7-Eleven in downtown.

Check it out for yourself ... 800 South Figueroa.

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  1. they have this little pastry, i forget the name, it is so good: it's a chocolate covered banana smothered in whipped cream in a twinkie-like pastry! it's so good.

    1. If there's one thing we lack in this area, it's definitely another generic convenience store (7-11).

      1. I find 7-11 as equally "convenient" as famima! - only they are both different. famima! offers healthier, tastier, and a greater variety of items. Sushi, salads, mediterranean chicken wraps, hot chinese baos; cheesecakes, mousses, and my newly discovered fave - isabella's cookies; dry noodles, cereals, and protein bars; rudimentary over-counter items; ice cream; and drinks galore.

        It gives a vibe I can't quite pinpoint..something between a market in Japan trying to become more Western, and a market in the US trying to look uniquely Japanese-chic.

        Have you been to a 7-11 in China, Taiwan, or Japan? I went to one in Taiwan once -- it had soy/tea-infused eggs. Makes for a delish breakfast.

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          Yeah, I love how 7-Eleven caters to the local crowd.

          In Hawai'i, the 7-Eleven offer musubi and all sorts of other Spam sandwich offerings.

          And, of course, the 7-Eleven in Mexico City offers real deep-fried pork skins. Yum.

        2. There's going to be one opening soon at 523 w 6th also.

          1. I'm excited about this place if only for the fact that there's really nowhere in the immediate vicinity to walk to for food when it's late. Famima!! is open until 10 and I can walk over and grab soup, sandwhich or some noodles. And pocky for dessert. It's a much better option than the wretched pizza place around the corner.