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Nov 1, 2006 04:29 AM

Keystone or Frisco, CO Thanksgiving Dinner

Any ideas for a Thanksgiving dinner in the Keystone, CO resort area or Frisco/Dillon?

We don't have to do a traditional thing -- everyone in our group of 8 loves Mexican food, but something like Alpenglow Stube is out of our price range.

It doesn't seem like there are that many place open for Thanksgiving in the area, so any suggestions as to where we could find a great meal would be appreciated!


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  1. Last year I went to the Blue River Bistro for a semi- traditional T'giving dinner in Breck.

    But I'd be surprised if any restaurants in Breck (or Frisco or Dillon) are closed that day- ski area restaurants do not close for the big holidays, that's when people travel, and it's a destination resort area. I'd recommend checking the Summit Daily News online as the holiday approaches.

    I mention Breckenridge because it's an easy and free ride back to Dillon/Frisco Silverthorne on the Summit Stage, so you don't have to worry about driving.

    Pug Ryans has incredibly lousy food, unless you like the taste of hot plastic (in which it is apparently cooked).

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. From the website (, it looks like a great place.

      Are there any other places you would recommend that are closer to Keystone, though? How do you feel about the Snake River Saloon? I read an very negative review of it the other day on Chowhound...

      Also, this may sound a bit odd for Thanksgiving, but do you have any favorite Mexican food places? Some members of the group "don't do Turkey" (strange as that may seem) so it might be more of a crowd pleaser if we ended up eating enchiladas.

      Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it.

      1. The problem with Keystone is that, well, it has no soul. It's not a town, it's a resort.

        I've been to the Great Northern, which was actually pretty good, but not Mexican. My memory of it is tainted because my date was weird- one of those guys that has to order for me, and won't "allow" me to talk to the waiter at all. Yeah, that lasted. So, the food isn't much of a memory as much as "how can I get out of this?"

        But I digress.

        Mi Casa- it's the only Mex in Keystone that comes to mind, but I can't speak to it's quality, having never been there, sorry.

        I know, not Keystone, but down in Dillon is the Dam Brewery, and they have some mex offerings, and I've quite enjoyed their food. Keystone is maybe 5 miles from Dillon.

        1. Old Dillon Inn has has Mexican food. Although I have only had appetizers there (of the Mexican variety always), the food is excellent.

          I am pretty sure that they will be open on Thanksgiving night, since it is a local hang out, and they would be there to provide a "home for the holidays".

          It is definately a dive, so don't expect upscale. But do expect good casual service. The people there are very nice. Its a good place to get a drink, and they have live music almost every night.

          I would agree that most restaurants will be open in the area for Thanksgiving. This is a busy time, so the town caters to tourists.

          For a nice elegant meal (upscale, and kind of expensive, but not even close to Alpenglow Stube) is a place names "Seasons" on main street in Frisco. It is a wine bar, serving upscale French influenced food. It is a upscale casual atmosphere (if that makes sense). Get reservations, as it is popular.

          Great Northern tavern located in Keystone (at River Run) is a good restaurant. Not my favorite in the valley, but if you want to avoid driving, that would be a good choice.

          I personally like Pug Ryans (as do a lot of other people, judging from their popularity for many years), so I have to disagree with the previous post talking about "plastic tasting food".

          1. I think the best restaurant in the area is Samplings on Main Street in Frisco. They have a sister restaurant in Breck called The Cellar. Samplings is doing a prix fixe dinner for Thanksgiving night, $79 with wine pairings or $59 without. Definitely upscale, but the food is tough to beat. They do small plates, great wines, and a warm, classy atmosphere. It's our favorite for an excellent meal in Summit County.