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Nov 1, 2006 03:44 AM

Sichuan food in Shanghai

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Hi, Gary, I had very nice Sichuan food in Chengdu. Highly recommended visit. One day, I'd like to retire to Chengdu. :)

As for Sichuan restaurant in Shanghai. Are you talking about Yuxin?
They just opened a new outlet near the eastern Nanjing Rd. 九江路399号华盛大厦(山西中路口
)Phone number: 021-63611777

South Beauty didn't seem to get very good rating on the chinese board:

I mostly had Shaoxing or Hangzhou dishes in Shanghai. My friends also had a gathering at Dynasty, a popular business dinner place offering Shanghai style with a french twist. I wasn't very impressed though. We didn't get a reservation for Jade Garden. It'd been my first choice.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Somehow I guessed you might find good Sichuan food in Chengdu... Shanghai is another story, though; Shanghainese are anything but chili heads. I think one would have to look at places aimed at expats or domestic travellers (such as South Beauty) in the hopes of finding good Sichuan fare.

      Did you go to a big restaurant just called "Shaoxing Restaurant" (Zhabei district, near Circus World, and I think another branch somewhere out Honqiao way?) My B-I-L treated us to a big spread there, but what he ordered was pretty much a generic Jiangnan set. Perhaps Lou Wai Lou? I have yet to try that one.

      1. Try Shu Tian Ge on Fuxing Zong Lu. It's nothing fancy, but it is pretty tasty.