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Nov 1, 2006 03:32 AM

South Bend, IN and Marion, IN

Hi! I'm traveling to South Bend, IN to watch my pitiful UNC Tar Heels get blasted by Notre Dame this weekend (hey, basketball season is starting!). We are staying in Marion, IN on Friday night, driving up to South Bend for the game Saturday, and then back to Marion or possibly even Indianapolis Saturday night. Anyone have any recommendations for our trip? I understand that there are few restaurants in the South Bend area.

Many thanks!

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  1. South Bend: Please see my post below about Fiddler's Hearth. Polito's on Grape Rd. has good gargantuan stuffed pizza slices. I hear good things about Vesuvio's NY-style slices, downtown.

    Have fun. Go Irish!

    1. i've only had the thin crust at polito's, but it is possibly the best pizza i have ever had. i'm not that well traveled though. their slices of stuffed pizza are massive too, but i'm generally not a fan of deep dish or stuffed pizza.

      To people from that area..... Does south bend have a decent bar scene downtown?

      1. Corby's is a good bar with live music on the east edge of downtown. I've heard CJ's can be fun.

        1. SB could be very busy on a game weekend - also consider heading out to Mishawaka -- there are some good places there like Main St. Grill (slightly more upscale American), Sunny's Korean Garden, and Khun Deng - Thai (I think that's the spelling).