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Nov 1, 2006 03:06 AM

It Rains Finshes - Winchester?

We use to be regulars. We heard the new restaurant features sushi - i'm so excited to have a Sushi place in the neighborhood. I thought they did a goood job with basic Thai. i hope the new menu doesn't mess them up too much. Does anyone know when they are opening?

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  1. just curious- have you tried sweet chili in arlington and how did it compare to rains fishes? have you tried sushi at sato II, stoneham or Toyama in Arl?

    1. I have been to It Rains Fishes only once and it was just after it openned. I live in Winchester so I was excited that there was a new place to dine. I was very disappointed with the food and have never returned. There are much better Thai restaurants in the area IMHO. I haven't heard that they have addeed a sushi bar but from past experience I have always been disappointed by Asian places that try to combine cuisines. They usuallu end up doing one or both not very well. There is a rather new Chinese place in Winchester that also has a sushi bar. I have tried the Chinese menu and it is about the same as you would get anywhere else. Friends have tried the sushi and repoted that is pretty good. The best sushi in the local area is Sushi Island in Wakefield IMHO.

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        Sushi Corner in Melrose has good sushi- but I have only gotten take out. It is really small- it is in the parking lot behind Shaws- right in back of the veterinary. Gives true meaning to the term " a little hole in the wall" (in a good way)

      2. I had takeout from It Rains Fishes last year for Thai and was not impressed. I tried two different noodle dishes, and found both to be just average. I haven't been back since. China Sky in downtown Winchester has very good sushi - living just a couple miles from there this has become my go-to sushi place.