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Nov 1, 2006 02:34 AM

Lavender Powder?

I went to Surfas in Los Angeles and bought a million things and couldn't resist buying their container of lavender powder.

Problem: I don't know what to do with lavender powder. Any suggestions? Is it just for baking? It is a very fine and fragrant powder.

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  1. Try a French lemon chicken recipe adding some of the lavender powder, and maybe some thyme.

    1. I spent a week in June cooking in Provence, and with the amount of lavender everywhere I came up with a few ideas:
      1)mix a little into the cream, along with some rosemary or lemon thyme, in a potato gratin.
      2)it is also good in a goat cheese omelet with a some other herbs.
      3)add it to brown butter and serve with white asparagus or yard-long beans.
      4)mix a little with honey and champagne vinegar as a glaze for a pork tenderloin or lamb.
      5)flavor a custard or semifreddo with it.
      6)flavor a buttercream with it to frost a lemon cake.

      1. I recently enjoyed a lavender scented goat cheese fondue at a restaurant.

        Let us know what fun things you come up with!

        1. I love lavendar! Powder form makes it easier for you to infuse your food, like creme brulee or a panna cotta.

          Also, try making it into a dry rub with some of your other favorite ingredients like rosemary and then grill pork or lamb.

          My favorite is when you infuse it into your creme fraiche and serve it with roasted figs.

          1. I've never made this, but I've heard that lavender ice cream is wondeful. It's great that you found powdered lavender, I wish I had a source for it here in Boston.

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              A couple of months ago I made a really good lavender frozen yogurt with greek yogurt and creme fraiche. It was best as a sandwich with lemon cookies.