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Nov 1, 2006 02:10 AM

Whippany area recs?

I am meeting a client for the first time, who will be staying in Whippany, NJ. Looking for an upscale dinner place in or near that area. I figure Steakhouse or Upscale Italian is my best bet. Business will be discussed over dinner so I need a place where the waitstaff is discreet and the tables provide some elbow room/semblance of semi-privacy. Recommendations anyone?

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  1. There is a Strip House in the Westminster Hotel in Livingston. Less than 10 miles east on Rte. 10.

    1. Il Capriccio right on Rt. 10 in Whippany. I've never been there, but it's very well known for being very upscale Italian ( There's a Ruth's Chris in the Hilton on Rt. 10 in Parsippany (5 minutes west of Whippany). There's also Sebastian's Steakhouse in Morristown (10 min). I've only been there once but I remember it being pretty nice -- upscale, NY-style steakhosue.

      1. Thanks for the recs. Ruth's Chris looks like a safe bet.

        1. Went to Ruth's Chris. It was perfect for my needs. Food was decent, I still like Capital Grille the best as far as chain steakhouse restaurants go. If you get into Philly and are on a business account, check out Barclay Prime. thanks again for your recommendations.

          1. Il Capriccio's is fantastic, albiet a bit pricy. The service is top notch, tables are large, and is a perfect place for conducting business. Certainly a cut above Ruth's Chris. This is the place to go to if you want to impress someone.