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Nov 1, 2006 02:00 AM

Looking for a Party Location

I'm looking for a location to have a family birthday party for my 99 year old grandmother.Most of the family lives in the San Bernardino/Riverside area(CA) so looking in that area.I want to find a location that has a kitchen we can do our own cooking(great cooks in the family),about 50 -60 guests,the party will be in January.Looking for an inexpensive sight as the grandchildren and great grandchildren are hosting.Anyone have any ideas?

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    1. Hi
      while not familiar with your area, I can suggest checking the phone book for fraternal organizations that have their own meeting halls. These always include a commercial kitchen and most often a large pit-style BBQ for outdoor cooking. They raise revenue for their organizations by renting their halls for weddings and parties such as your own. They tend to be well-orgainized, but cover all the details in your conversations with them. No last minute panics.

      You might call a wedding planner in your area for some recommendations. Check with chambers of commerce, or city offices of tourism as they would have a listing of such organizations.

      In our area there are half dozen or more organizations: The Masonic Lodge, The I.O.O.F, the Portuguese community, The Filipino community, The Grange, local Women's Clubs, churches, etc. They book far in advance because of weddings, but the weeks directly following the New Year tend to be slow.

      I hope some locals with hall-renting experience chime in. Congratulations to you Gran and your family!

      Good thing you're starting to make plans now

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        That is a terrific recco. A couple of my family members have had their receptions in halls at local women's clubs.

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          Thank You for the great information,I will get on it right away.

        2. I know some of the churches in the area have their own kitchens and dining halls. They might be willing to rent it out to you. Specifically, Loma Linda University, Azure Hills and Riverside Seventh-Day Adventist churches have kitchens and dining rooms.