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Nov 1, 2006 12:34 AM

Nice, quiet restaurant in Westwood

Friends from out of town are staying in Westwood, a neighborhood I'm not too familiar with. One of the guests strongly dislikes loud restaurants. Any ideas?

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  1. Wakasan izakaya: omakase only izakaya on westwood below santa monica blvd. very cute and tasty. (go to the rose market after for persian ice cream)

    1. Tanino's is excellent. Chef is one of the famed Drago brothers. The interior is like the Hearst Castle of Westwood....filled with ceilings, fireplaces, antiques from European castles/buildings. Lalique mirrors back the bar, gorgeous iron work doors...........and the food is very authentic, down to the espresso and limoncello on the patio for dessert. One of the owners with Tanino Drago, owns several Malibu restaurants: Allegria, Moonshadows, the Sunset and Padri's martini bar in Agoura.

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        I second Tanino's. Quiet, friendly and personal service, great food.

      2. Mio Babbo's is pretty quiet, with pretty good food, if you want to go somewhere more casual and less expensive than Tanino's.

        1. I vote for Tanino's -- and ask for a quiet table. The food is pretty good and the place is beautiful. Or you can go to Philly's West on a non-football night, but that's, er, well, a different experience.

          1. Tanino's is in the old Alice's Restaurant space, and does have beautiful accoutrements. The service is old-style and can be elegant, for Westwood Village, and they have valet parking in front. But with all of the tile, sound can bounce, and with much of the restaurant somewhat open to the patio and street, it can get chilly on a cold night. It is large and rarely crowded, so bring a wrap and mention your requirements when reserving and being seated.

            In a similar upper-moderate price range there is Gardens on Glendon. 9:30 at the W Hotel is uber-trendy, Napa Valley Grille or Palomino can be either deserted or noisy at night, and I'm no fan of Tengu. Eurochow was a spectacular space for a drink but the food never clicked.

            I've posted before that Thai House, on Gayley across from the Whole Foods Market, is a surprisingly nice tablecloth restaurant with good service and very moderate prices. It is rarely crowded or noisy at dinner.