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Nov 1, 2006 12:06 AM

Enrico's RIP

Sad to hear that Enrico's didn't renew their lease and is closed as of today. One more San Francisco institution gone. It had definitely gone down hill lately, but will be sorely missed anyway.

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  1. Whoa. Haven't been there in some time, but it was always a pleasant place to have apps and booze outside and watch the circus on Broadway go by. Their mojitos were always reliably good.

    ** pours a little mojito out on the ground **


    1. Oh man, that takes me back. Jack the bartender (forgot his last name) was making standard-setting big pint glass sized mojitos at Enrico's back in the early 90's, when they had reopened after a long-ish closure and change of ownership.
      Just goes to show that the currently fadish mojito has a long history, and that Enrico's has a habit of dying out and being reborn again.
      I look forward to its next incarnation.

      1. Haven't been in maybe 10 years, after the re-opening......sad to hear this....I loved that place....Maybe a small version of another Chain will take it's place....seems to be the only type of business that can afford those rents.

        kim @ apizza

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          Chron article today says this is the third time the place has closed.

        2. Wow, also have some fond memories of Enrico's in the 70's and also Vanessi's in the next block door the first "real" italian restaurant I'd ever been to.