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Oct 31, 2006 11:18 PM

Baltimore Farmer's Market

I just spent the weekend in my hometown and was reminded of how great the market under the fallsway is. The farmer's market where I live now is basically an over-priced craft fair with a smattering of boutique veggies-- not the place to do your week's shopping. The Baltimore market is one of my favorite places. I'm wondering if you all have favorite stands at the market?
Mine are (sorry I don't have exact names):
Neopol Smokery (their salmon, trout and chees pies are amazing)
the coffee guys who used to be Daily Grind
the greens stand that sells by the full and 1/2 bowl
the donut stand next to the coffee guys
Big Sky Bread (what happened to them? weren't there when I went)
the fresh bean stand

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  1. Zeke's coffee- The past couple of weekends they have had a really good whole bean (the tell tale dark) that I have been buying. Although the last cup of coffee that I got was kind of weak.

    The stand that currently has all the apples and pears (and samples) right by one of the the entrances. I love being able to buy the asian pears for only $1.49/lb. In the summer their berries and peaches are also really good.

    The thai place across from the above stand for their thai iced coffee.

    The stand that sells the pastries for 4 for $5.

    I usually pick up some pastries, a cup of coffee, a newspaper and stop at the parks around the monument for breakfast on my way home.

    What I'm trying to find is a good tomatoe and a good corn stand. I think I went to each this summer and was unable to find any that compared to what I get in Jersey.

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      did you ever get a response about the tomatoes? I am searching for the same thing myself...
      I have lived in Baltimore for 7 years and haven't been able to get a truely great tomato...

    2. What are the market hours and how late into Fall/Winter does it operate?

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        According to the flier that they hand out:
        Every Sunday May-Dec from 8am-Sellout (usually noon).
        Oct: Pumpkins and Apples
        Nov: The Biggest Market Day of the Year the Sunday before Thanksgiving
        Dec: Holiday Greenery, Garland
        Located under the JFK viaduct at Holliday and Saratoga streets

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          Reminder: the Waverly Farmers Market on saturdays stays open all year.

      2. I went to this market for the first time this past Saturday and was really blown away. Wide diversity in shoppers, vendors and produce, great vibe, good prices. I live in Rockville and our farmers' market sucks, frankly. I go, and I buy from the guys who have good stuff, but there are really only two or three of them. The market under the expressway was great. I also like the guys with the greens, half and full bowls (I'm still enjoying some fantastic, young arugala (sp?)). I had a GREAT mushroom sandwich (almost next door to greens vendor). I bought some good apples (the empires are too mushy, but I'm not sure whether that's varietal or something with these apples specifically)--the guy had a great selection of different varieties. God, I was/am jealous.

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        1. re: Smokey

          Finally, someone in DC is jealous of Baltimore! ;)

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            Empires and Honeycrisps are my favorite apples. Good Empires are very crisp.

            1. re: JonParker

              Because the other apple varieties we bought from them were quite good (crispy and flavorful) and because I've heard many folks whose opinion I trust say the Empire is one of their favorites, I had the feeling the Empires we bought there just weren't very fresh (e.g. had been stored too long at room temp or something). I tried Pink Ladies for the first time and thought they were great. Have you tried them?

          2. i hate to admit it, but the mushroom nazi at the fallsway market has the best mushrooms and the best mushroom fritters EVER...why does she have to be so mean though (i boycotted her for several years but gave back in to temptation this year)

            oh and the apple place is reid's orchard. earlier in the summer they had homemade salsa that was to die for. went back the next week and tomatos were gone, so no salsa for me....try their galas, fujis, and ginger golds late in the fall...they are big and crispy

            oh and i forgot..the jamaican ginger brew people, the fish stand, and the west indian stand with the patties....i love all these guys too!

            oh and the asiago cheese dip at the cheese must try it!

            1. I wish the ginger guy would bring back his ginger sorbet from last summer. It was truly sublime.

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                Yes, and the sweet potato(!) sorbet. The ginger guy's name is Wayne, and he's a great person. The Harford County farm at the Waverly Market that sells cheese also has really good ice cream: try their half pints of Grape Nut-Apricot for a sublime experience.