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Oct 31, 2006 11:09 PM

grace or lucques?

my friend is treating me to dinner, and i'm considering these restaurants. i don't want to overburden my friend, so i'd like an idea of how much an entree is at these places...

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  1. both around the same, 25-40, depending on the entree. both have menus online,



    figure about 130-150 with a few glasses of wine, less if you bring a bottle. both have pretty punitive corkage fees, around 20 bucks.

    both are worth it, tho. my personal favorite is lucques.

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      $20 is punitive corkage?...for excellent stemware. considering that many other states prohibit corkage, or have virtually no restaurants with corkage (NYC) or have really high corkage ($90 at per se in nyc), I find $20 about the bargain of the century, especially if you consider the alternatives - like wines priced at three times retail.

      we are fortunate to be able to BYO at all...


      1. re: manku

        i agree, but i still think 20 bucks is pushing it. lucques' markup isn't out of line, but i'd still like to be able to BYOB without paying 20 bucks for the privilege.

    2. well, i'd go to lucques for dinner and grace for dessert (fleur de sel caramel crepes, pears and persimmons)

      1. While the Grace website offers no prices, here it is to give you an idea of what may be available, although restaurants are notoriously late in updating their sites.

        Personally, I feel they are the same price points, aiming at the same customer profile, meaning entrees in the high 20s to low 40s for a steak or some other expensive item.
        Lucques' website used to be lucques.com yet I could not pull it up prior to posting, so maybe it is being worked on.

        Either are very recommendable. I prefer Lucques, but barely so.

        1. Mains at Lucques at $21 to $29, according to Menupages.com
          At Grace, prices are not listed, but I think the prices are really similar.
          It's kind of hard to describe the difference between the two --Grace is a bit more sophisticated and modern, perhaps a bit more expensive and a touch more sceney.
          Lucques is more foodie and rustic.
          But the menus are relatively similar. I'd say you'd be fine choosing either one, although overall I'd say Grace is held in higher esteem.

          1. As above said, both are similar price ranges & pretty good, I however lean towards Grace for their wonderful desserts.