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Oct 31, 2006 10:54 PM

GREAT Ethiopian food at Go Go Mart in West Lebanon!?!

I am the kind of guy who prefers my resturaunts hard to find, a little seedy, maybe even on the wrong side of the tracks, but I was begining to question my sanity when I walked through the doors of Go Go Mart in West Leb. looking for African food, it seemed more like a place for watery cofee and Ho Hos. For some reason though there is a small to go counter in the corner of this god forsaken place, and a sighn saying Tuesday night is Ethiopian night. A platter with three entrees, some tasty veggies and that great Ethioian pancake bread cost me $10, and all the food was GREAT! Maybe someone more local can report on how the food is other nights of the week, but I can't say enough about tuesday night. Someone buy these folks a real restaurant!!!

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      1. Hey, someone who tried this place! I posted about it a long time ago because when I went in it was closed and I was hoping that some other chowhounders had already tried it and could give me a report. Glad to hear it was good stuff! I was under the impression that there were a permanent fixture though, not just a Tuesday night thing? Or am I misunderstanding and they feature African food from difference countries on different days?

        1. Sad to report this place is closing down shortly. It actually made the headlines in the local paper yesterday. The African family that run the place were given notice to vacate due to being behind in the rent. The owner of the gas station also felt that it wasn't the right kind of place for this food.
          This family has been struggling for years tying to keep an African restaurant going in the area - first in downtown White River Jct. Vermont, then in West Lebanon NH. It appears they have thrown in the towel, and will concentrate on their catering business. Needless to say, African cusine is extremely rare in small town New Hampshire, but they did build a solid base of customers, just not enough to keep them viable. This may have been the only African restaurant between Boston and Montreal.

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            There's Ezo African Restaurant in Portland, ME.

            There's also Cleopatra in Lewiston, ME.

            There are also African stores in these two cities.