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Breakfast Alternative in SF Financial District?

I work at Maritime Plaza near Embarcadero and I am SO tired of breakfast at the Hyatt...and a BAD breakfast at that. Does anyone out there have any alternatives/suggestions for a good breakfast down here?


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  1. I just recommended them for a completely different reason, but Órale Órale's got good huevos rancheros and omelettes.

    They open at 7. The place is ridiculously packed at lunch but usually empty at other times.

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      A second for Orale Orale. How can anybody resist a breakfast burrito w/ chorizo?!

      Also, how about Sellers Markets at the corner of Front & Pine.

    2. I haven't tried it myself, but I've seen lots of good reports about the breakfast offerings at Boulette's Larder in the Ferry Building.

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      1. Boulette's is a great place to begin the workday, but breakfast menu options are quite limited. Is it the Hyatt Regency that's growing old for you? The breakfast at the Park Hyatt is quite good, the room serene and the service gracious.

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          I walked by the other day and noticed the Park Hyatt is now Le Meridien. Don't know what effect -- if any -- the rebranding has on its breakfast offerings.

          I should also mention that Acme has delicious pastries, both sweet and savory.

        2. I love Boulette's, the sausage and egg sandwich to go from Lulu petit's is pretty great too, Myth Cafe has some amazing donuts and coffee (maybe other items too . . .i've never gotten past the donuts), Canteen has probably the best breakfast but I'm not sure if that's too far for you

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            Does Myth make their own donuts...if so, are they warm.?..I can't resist fresh fried dough!

          2. There is a great place called Grumpy's over on Vallejo east of Battery Used to go alot when I worked near there. Not too far from Maritime plaza.

            1. If you don't mind hopping on the steetcar, Townsend at the Embarcadero and Townsend makes the best breakfast in the area. If you want to go downscale there's ... acck ... the name is escaping me not Red's Java House but the other place on the Embarcadero across from Carmen's.

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                Hey! Do you have an address or website for Townsend? I can't seem to find it with google. Thanks!

              2. I just had a guest from Boston stay at the Hotel Vitale at Mission and Embarcadero. He said the granola he had for breakfast at Americano was the best he'd ever had anywhere. Not sure what your price range is but if you've been eating at the Hyatt, you might try them.

                1. Bocadillos
                  710 Montgomery St, San Francisco 94111
                  At Washington St
                  -opens at 7am with pastries, fruit, eggs


                  1. If you're willing to head over to North Beach, Mama's Girl on the north eastern corner of washington park has an excellent breakfast. There's a line on the weekends but weekdays it's pretty easy. All homemade and fresh. They make their own pastries and breads there too.

                    1. loving this! as a new Chowhounder, i truly appreciate the insights of all of you. Thanks!!

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                        Welcome to Chowhound. I hope you will report back when you try some of these places. I'm especially interested in the Hotel Vitale breakfast which looks fabulous and there were one or two positive reports. Here's the link to the website (menus are pdf files)

                        I pulled out a few menu items from in this post and there are a few more breakfast ideas in the topic but there it was more about Saturday breakfast

                        Is there anything edible at the Hyatt or is it all mediocre?

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                          I've had the Hotel Vitale breakfast in April (as a breakfast buffet) at a conference there, and I was honestly blown away by the quality of the food even on a breakfast buffet. I haven't been back since, but I would in a heartbeat.

                          And I like the breakfast options at Seller's Market a lot (the goat cheese/egg/proscuitto pizza is particularly good), but it's a little small for the amount you pay.

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                            Was this a special buffet set up for your conference, or was the hotel serving a "Breakfast Buffet"?
                            The reason I ask, is that a B"fast Buffet is not mentioned on their website...


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                              It was a buffet for the conference, I'm sorry, I thought I stated that. However, the breakfast food was excellent for the buffet (and having endured many of these things, I was very surprised by the quality), which made me think that it would be good at other times as well.

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                                Too bad...I was hoping to get a "really good B'fast Buffet" in SF that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg...I love to taste myriad things...without feeling I need to take out a second mortgage!