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Oct 31, 2006 10:15 PM

Quick ethnic bite near century 21 (WTC site)

I am a bit of a hound in a hurry. Only in NYC for a 36 hours. Arriving early in the am in a couple of weeks, and after a quick stop in midtown, I want to grab a couple sandwiches at Bahn mi so #1 on Broome and Mott (do you think they are open around 900 am?). I wanted to find something (w/in 1-2 quick subway stops away for some quick, ethnic treat (ie soup dumplings, well anything, the sky is the limit, prefer something that I cannot get here in Cleveland) for a late lunch.

Finally in case anyone is wondering I am eying Babbo, Parea or Lupa for dinner. thoughts?

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  1. People have positive things to say about the middle eastern food at Alfanoose on Maiden Lane which is close to wtc. I've never been, but if you do a search on the manhattan board you should find more info.

    Also if you like dim sum, chinatown is not far either and Dim Sum starts quite early at the more traditional places, so you could have it as a late breakfast. They usually have good cheap coffee at dim sum restaurants, too.

    Good luck!

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        Alphanoose, thirded. Everything there is great.

      2. I can attest to Alfanoose - I think it's great.

        Lyn, I have been to Lupa and loved it. I haven't been to Babbo or Parea but both are on my list. Please let us know which you choose and how it is! (And if anyone has thoughts about Parea specifically please let me know.)

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          Lupa- the "big board" of cured meats was heaven. The wine stewardess made a great suggestion of bottle to go with. We were actually getting rather full. our party of three then had duck (great), roasted whole trout (very good), and Gnocci which was average!!!! I was stunned as I had heard how great the pasta is. I think it was very bland. I think the very best pastas only need a little more than a little or or herbs but this just lacked flavor.

          for dessert a cheese board. another hit. Service was not the best. Our server seemed annoyed we were going to come in at less than 100 a piece. very distainful that we did not order more. If I had to do it all over, I would get that same bottle of red and the salumi board, then a cheese board. Maybe some of the cold seafood dishes?

          now my quick ethnic bite: Dumpling House in new obsession. also had an Arepa at a place in the east village (good)
          The Dumplings and the salumi board will linger in my dreams...until next time...

        2. Mai House, a vietnamese place on franklin (right close to the 1) just opened. I haven't eaten there yet but Eater gave it props.

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          1. re: souldawg

            ok. I am back in Cleveland, but when I return to nyc in a few months and undoubtably century 21, I coming back to this thread!

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              I can attest to Mai House; it's quite good. VietCafe just around the corner is also very good. Both are a short walk from Century 21--but well worth it.