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Oct 31, 2006 10:10 PM

what's good in the lower upper east side

I've got a group of people coming in to town visiting and at one point we will all be over at 58th near 1st ave. what's good for anywhere from 4-8 people (don't know who's up or who's out - back to hotel) in that area (walkable) and to not break the bank. Any type of food

fyi they are mostly staying in mid town so if we head that way it's not too bad.

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  1. Rosa Mexicana is right over there on 1st ave. There's also Fusha..sushi/pan-asian...good stuff...

    1. If you like Thai there's place that recently opened that has delicious food.

      Luscious Thai
      60th and First
      across the street from Bed Bath and Beyond.

      There's Il Vagabondo and good italian place that has a bocce court inside.

      Lastly I would recommend Maya if you are interested in Mexican.

      1. Via Oreto is good...Baker Street for bar food.

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          never been to baker street usually go to Becky's i think that's what it's called. been to the baker street on 4th st (it's called something else now) and was not impressed would rather be in a good dive, personally.

          I like Maya but some of the visitors coming into town are from Texas and get good tex/mex (yes I know Maya isn't quite Tex/Mex)so I am avoiding all mexican food. We will be doing Spanish on another night anyway.

          Never been to Il Vagabondo, but have heard good things. Is Luscious Thai new? I've never heard of it.

          1. re: jth

            yep, it's new and really good.

            if you don't mind heading up to the 70's on 2nd you could try Per Lei for some really good pasta and a good scene

        2. Pongal, on 1st Ave and 63-64th, for excellent dosas and other South Indian cuisine.