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Soup in Dallas

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Where in Dallas can I find a restaurant that serves delicious soup? Of couse most restaurants have a 'soup of the day,' but are there any dining establishments that are known for serving great soup? Even better, are there any restaurants that serve more than just two soup options on a menu? I'm having a difficult time finding a place.

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  1. You might try Greenz - I've haven't eaten there, but I've heard rave reviews about their soup. http://www.greenzsalads.com

    This may not quite be what you're looking for, but most vietnamese restaurants have a huge soup menu (the soup is called "pho"). Oishii has a good selection. http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?...

    Opening later this month in Northpark Mall is The Original Soup Man (the "soup nazi" from Seinfeld) which should have a large selection.

    1. It depends on what you are looking for. There are many oriental soup houses around town that are great, including Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese etc. Most of these are going to be some kind of noodle soup with a variety of meats or seafood.

      I would also suggest the cream of roasted Jalapeno soup at Fish City Grill.

      1. Well, there are places that serve a good soup . . . but they may not serve more than one.

        For minestrone, try Avanti Upton on McKinney Ave. Watch out, as it'll be BOILING hot!!

        And I've always been partial to the Tomato-Basil soup from la madeleine. A good variation on this comes from Dragonfly in the form of a Tomato and DILL soup, with a chervil cream.


        1. We absolutely had a great crawfish chowder at Flying fish last week. I would highly recomend it.

          1. oh yeah! jalapeno cream soup from rockfish is great :)

            1. Agree with Webra1-co-workers have been raving about the pumpkin and pear soup at Greenz for two weeks.
              I like Whole Foods on Lemmon (or on Lower Greenville) for soup. They have several choices every day, as well as a separate section for chili, and seafood-based chowders and soups by the fish counter.

              1. The Grape, on Greenville Avenue, has been known for their cream of mushroom soup for years. It's really pretty good. Has a bit of sherry in it. It is occasionally a tad saltier than I would prefer, but never so salty that most people would complain.