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Oct 31, 2006 08:49 PM

Le Latini

On my continuing quest for a truffle meal i have encountered LE LATINI. Has anyone ever been there/heard reviews/etc...
Curious...looking for a nice meal and am torn between Bis and the previously mentioned resto.

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  1. There's some discussion here:

    There's also some more recent, more favourable (with qualifications) talk on that other food board.

    To sum up: suck up to the owner and don't leave home without your Amex Platinum.

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      Mr. F - I don't know this not-to-be-named other food board... can you give me a hint or a riddle so I can find it? :)

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          That might still get you there but since they swicthed to the Society shtick it's been .org, not .com.

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            Yes, our course. My mistake. Although, I just checked, it will still work with .com(it will be just re-directed to .org).

    2. I haven't been to Le Latini in about 12 years. Went once, found it vastly overpriced for what we were getting, with stuffy, condescending service. Once WAS enough!

      1. Le Latini has been reviewed by Lesley Chesterman in the Montreal Gazette twice, first in 2000 & last time in Dec 2004. I just re-read her review from Dec 2004. Not very favourable. Only 2 stars(out of 4). The food was decent(some dishes fantastic, some not), although not good enough considering the very very high prices(arguably the most expensive restaurant in Montreal). Lesley got the impression that the rich regulars got great service, while the others could be treated like shit(the same impression when she reviewed Le Latini in 2000)! The one saving grace, the two desserts she tried were great.

        Going back last year at this time, the Montreal restaurants that served the prized white Italian truffles during truffle season were Le Latini(the only restaurant in Montreal directly importing it from Italy), Bis, Pronto, Le 357c(a members only private club in Old Montreal), Il Mulino, Ferreira Cafe & Le Club Chasse & Peche.