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Oct 31, 2006 08:25 PM

Can I use fresh lasagna noodles to make ravioli?

Can I use fresh lasagna pasta from Whole Foods to create ravioli- will it hold together- anyone tried this???

I do not want to use wontons- and may not have time to make my own.


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  1. Yes, go ahead...cut out to desired size/shape, plop in your filling and use some beaten egg yolk as adhesive...should do the trick.

    1. Use a pizza cutter/wheel to cut the ravioli sized squares. It's more efficient and cuts cleaner than a knife or any other tool I've tried.

      1. It would work, but a bit thick. I would roll it out a little thinner before using.

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          I would agree. I tried this last year and as I remember the ravioli ended up being rather thicker than I would have liked. Perhaps rolling a bit would help. I also have to say that when it was all said and done the work/satisfaction ratio led me to think that next time I would just make a lasagna with whatever ravioli filling as an inspiration.

        2. I agree that you might want it a little thinner, and I'd suggest you try and use a LITTLE water to help seal rather than egg -- egg changes the consistency of the ravioli, IMO. But, for all practical purposes, it's the same dough and should work well.

          1. It will be too thick. Use either froen and defrosted wonton skins or gyoza skins. I have to produce a bunch of pumpkin ravioli for this weekend and have made them before. The recipe I have been assigned is for pumpkin tortolloni so I will be using the gyoza skins. They are most commonly found frozen and defrost quickly and are easy to use. I may turn masochist and make my own...I have done it, have to see how the week turns out.