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Oct 31, 2006 08:25 PM

108th Street Regostan Suggestions Besides Salut

Nothing against Salut, it happens to be the only place on 108 I've tried. Though the food was overall v good, but was surprised by the bill (two beers may have been problem). Can anyone offer suggestions for other places in Regostan?
Please don't advise me to do a search. Opinions change, restaurants change...

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  1. The chebureki at Cheburechnaya (92-09 63rd Drive) are inexpensive ($1.50-$3.00), and huge. Everything else on the menu is supposedly top-knotch, too, but I stick with the Chebureki (the potato ones and the onces filled with drippingly juicy chopped beef) and hummus/thick Uzbeki (I assume) oval-shaped bread that's served hot)

    They also serve a huge dish of Garlic-drenched fries, which I've only ordered once...


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      Yes, Cheburechnaya is good and cheap. Everything I've ordered has been good to excellent (although, skip the desserts). The Chebureki are good, but you'd be missing out if you didn't try the rest of the menu. Some recommendations: Babaghanouj, pilaff, lagman, and most of the kebabs.

      They also have some Soviet era soft drinks (e.g tarragon soda). But bring your own booze. Once, 6 of us had a feast for under $70.

      It's Kosher, so it's closed on Friday but reopens late on Saturday night (~9pm?) when it gets packed fast.

      Check out their menu here

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        Hey Abu, hope I'm not too late to suggest Shalom, which occupies the space formerly held by Beautiful Bukhara, on 108th. They serve up a salmon kebab, one the most succulent and freshest 'babs I've ever eaten. The other kebabs are good as well, but it's the salmon kebab I would come back for. Plus, I found the service to be friendlier than at Salut. Enjoy.

      2. Polecat, checked your profile--so very dissapointed you aren't a stripper. Never had salmon kebab, but it sounds like a brilliant idea. I've seen you all over this website and I certainly value your opinion--will defintely check it out. Thanks, and thanks to e/one else who replied.
        I think I have to start some sort of 108'th street week-long kebab-off.

        1. I'm resurrecting this thread to see if there have been any changes or updates for the best Bukharan Jewish places in Regostan.

          Also, just wanted to figure out the hours. Yes, I understand that these places are closed on Saturday during the day and re-open after sundown, but are they open before sunset on Friday...i.e., could any of them work for a late-ish lunch?

          Many thanks.

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          1. re: baltoellen

            Cheburachnya now has a liquor license.