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Comfort food off the Turnpike?

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We're going to be driving from NYC to D.C. on Friday night, and we should be right in the middle of Jersey somewhere around dinner time. Any recommendations for a food stop near the Turnpike? I'm guessing that a comfort food sort of place is what I'm most likely to find (Italian, a diner, etc.). The only such place I've been to is Mastoris in Bordentown. I was just wondering if there are any other suggestions...

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  1. Hi:

    If you get off at Turnpike Exit 2, and drive a couple of miles east on 322 in Mullica Hill, there's a brand new Amish market with a nice snack bar/restaurant, of course, being an Amish market, it closes early. There's also a diner right there too.

    Exit 4 offers a wide variety of foods east on Route 70. Not only are there diners and Italian, there are also Indian choices and even a Maylasian place. However, I'm still scouting them out.