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Oct 31, 2006 07:25 PM


I have been using the squeeze tube refrigerated Lemongrass.
Love this product, as it is so much simpler than grinding the stuff.
I think it was from McCormick, as I have some Cilantro on hand with this label.
Can't seem to find it anywhere.
Anyone seen it lately?

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  1. Are you thinking of the Gourmet Garden branded tubes?

    They're not part of McCormick's products, through they might be using McCormick's company for distribution.

    Their website is at:

    ...and there's nothing there about discontinuing the Lemongrass variety.

    The site has a "Store Locator" page; that's probably a good place to start... and if you still can't find it locally, try their "Contact Us" page - it looks like they have a toll free number to call.

    1. Thanks,
      Yes (shouldn't have thrown out the tube) it is Gourmet Garden.
      Looked up the site.
      Available at A@P and Dominion.
      My local Dominion hasn't got it, so I will need to make a round of the stores.