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Oct 31, 2006 07:05 PM

Takeout Near Bellevue

I want to bring dinner to my girlfriend who is working at Bellevue Hospital, at 1st Ave and 27th. Any suggestions for outstanding takeout in that area?

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  1. It would help if you told us what kind of food your girlfriend prefers.

    1. We like great food of all kinds. If there's any takeout in this area that Chowhounds think deserves mention, I'd love to hear about it.

      1. i wouldnt call it outstanding, but baby bo's on 34th and 2nd is pretty good. for sushi, i love mishima on 30th and lexington. ethos has fantastic take out (33rd and 3rd). for bagels, bagelry on 29th and 3rd is great and i dont know if they do take out/delivery, but waterfront ale house on 30th and 2nd has great burgers and such.

        1. I'm a big fan of Ethos though it hadn't occurred to me that they do take-out. Since they do, I would suggest you get some of their tasty cold mezzes (e.g., my favorites are the eggplant and the beets with skordalia) and the excellent moussaka. For dessert, the fillo stuffed with a cream mixture is delicious.

          Another fine option is Bao Noodles, on 2nd Av., b/t 22nd & 23rd Sts., which has very good Vietnamese food. They do take-out, and they also deliver.

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            rgr, when you order delivery from ethos, they give you that dessert for free (2 pieces). i've only ever ordered mezzes when i get delivery so i don't know how well the whole fish and clay pot dinners travel. but the salads are great and the food always arrives hot and delicious (with a separate bag full of pita and bread).

            1. re: jon

              I disagree with the poster who replied with positive comments about Ethos. I was extremely disappointed with their food. I was especially disgusted with my entree prepared in those raved-about-on-these-boards chipped clay pots. The moussaka I ordered was prepared in those pots and it was the worst I ever had anywhere. Not to mention terribly overpriced for what you get. The lamb entree we had was also very pedestrian. No raves here. On a positive note, the Kalamaris appetizer was very good, and their complimentary dessert (which looks like their adaptation of galaktoboureko - rolled, but prepared otherwise in the classic fashion) was *excellent*. ...See link.

              Something like this except drizzled (ahem, soaked) with honey:

              You might be best off with their mezzes, or just go for some ouzo and dessert.
              I'd pass on the entrees.

              1. re: jon

                jon, When we had dinner at Ethos last week, we hadn't planned on having dessert, but our waitress insisted on bringing those fillo rolls. There was no charge. We've never ordered dessert there though I recall in the past being given some very good nut cake, also on the house.

                Though I love having whole fish there, I would not order it for delivery. I have "doggy-bagged" leftover moussaka, and it's been fine when re-heated.