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Oct 31, 2006 07:02 PM

What are some of the best mid-priced restaurants in DC?

What do you consider mid-priced restaurants in DC? What are good places to go (maybe neighborhood places or smaller places) that have good food at a reasonable price? I'm thinking along the lines of Two Amy's, Cafe Deluxe, Sette, etc. Places where you can get a range of food and not end up dropping $22 for an entree, but also not be at a place that's just (barely) a step up from fast food.

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  1. Dino in Cleveland Park. I can't reccomend this place enough. I think Zaytanya is pretty reasonable, though some might disagree with me there. I usually get out of there pretty cheaply. Also, I admit it, I like Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon.

    1. I like Domku in Petworth, Tonic in Mt. Pleasant, and Saint Ex on 14th (with entrees hovering around the $20 mark).

      1. Logan's Tavern is a great option - always have a good meal there and they have a great environment. Not sure they take reservations though and the bar is a little small if you have to wait.

        1. Definitely agree with Dino. I'd add Colorado Kitchen and Indique to this list -

          1. What about Chef Geoff's? I am always surprised at the reasonable prices. And, of course, if you don't mind the wait, Pasta Mia.

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              and if you can take a guess when they are open :) pasta mia has the strangest hours ever.