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Good chinese banquet place

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Am looking for a chinese resturant that could do a banquet for 12 people in in Northern Virginia. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. If you have a favorite chinese restaurant, you could talk to the chef there. If you're looking for good food and a nicer environment, check with Full Kee. It's not as pretty as some but the food is better; and it's nicer than some restaurants that have good food but not atmosphere. Oriental Cafe in Alexandria (outside Kingstown) has nicer surroundings. The food is iffy, though. Sometimes really good, sometimes not.

    1. I'd think you could get most of the upstairs of the georgetown Mei Wah to yourselves if you don't mind americanized chinese food.

      1. I am assuming the OP is looking for a place that has the room and a "banquet menu" of traditional Chinese banquet items such as a cold appetizer like jelly fish, a steamed chicken, a whole steamed fish (usually a sole but sometimes tilapia, in soy sauce with ginger and scallions) and a dish of fried rice and some kind of noodles, some veggies such as mushrooms or steamed chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, etc. I think your best bets are the bigger banquet halls such as Good Fortune in Gaithersburg or China Garden in Rosslyn.

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          With 12, that's only one table. Unless you find a place that has a smaller room (and there are some), you're going to end up in a corner of a restaurant. If you talk to the chef of most restaurants, they can put together a banquet menu with you, even if it's with food they don't typically have. Unless restaurants service more Americans, they might not have a menu.

        2. I just came back from a dinner tha the Oriental Regency near Tyson's Corner and that place would suit you. It does serve Chinese Banquette style and their prices aren't bad.

          1. Last summer a bunch of Hounds did a weekday "eat thru the menu" lunch at TemptAsian. It's tiny, but the staff and chef made it work wonderfully for groups of 12 (no way of getting too many more without separate tables.)

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              The only problem with TemptAsian is that the old chef has left. It used to be a real Sichuanese restaurant, but now it's pretty standard. I know a lot of people will groan, but my office has organized several banquets for guests from China at Peking Gourmet Inn on Leesburg Pike. If you work with the owner and/or chef, you can put together a great menu of authentic dishes. The locally grown garlic sprouts are delicious (and pungent!). We had really good lamb chops last time. We even found out some of our guests favorite dishes and had the chef make those. Everyone seemed very satisfied by the meal.

            2. Fortune in Reston has several excellent banquet-type dishes on its menu that require 24-48 hours advance notice. The place is nearly empty at night except for a stream of carry-out orders, but if you order carefully you can get a very good meal there. Both of the 24-48 hour dishes are good and they make a shrimp in cantelope dish that is a real winner. On the whole, you are better off with seafood dishes. If you work with them in advance they can probably suggest an appropriate balance of dishes for the banquet.

              They have also, on occasion, been quite accomodating when we have guests with dietary restrictions. They made the shrimp in cantelope with chicken breast instead of shrimp so that Great-Grandma Ruth, who doesn't eat shellfish, could enjoy it. We suggested that modification (it worked very well) and the head waiter later told us the chef had never done that before.