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Oct 31, 2006 06:27 PM

Anniversary Dinner recommendations...

Ok, so this is the deal: the other half and I are about to celebrate eight years of our relationship. I want a great restaurant to have dinner, which doesn't require a ridiculously long advance reservation (it's Friday 10th November). We always go Italian... maybe something different? No dietary restrictions, don't want to spend a ton of money but not on tiny budget (maybe up to $200 inc. wine and tax/tip), want something romantic and intimate but not cheesy (no violins!!!!). Any suggestions?

And if this sounds vague, that's because I am being very vague at the moment. All input greatly appreciated - thanks in advance...

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  1. The Place (that's the name), W. 4th btwn Bank and W. 12th St, is an extremely intimate/romantic spot with really great food

    1. I've never been treated so well at a restaurant as I was at Gramercy Tavern a month a go for my own anniversary. Highly recommended by one and all.

      1. thanks so much folks! My other half booked the place before I could see Dave's reply, but I definitely will try that out for his birthday in January...

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          If you're planning to try Gramercy Tavern in January, I suggest you call the restaurant *now* to see if they will accept a reservation. The reason I'm suggesting this is that's when new chef Michael Anthony's own menu is scheduled to be in place, and I'm betting that it will then be much more difficult to secure a reservation because those familiar with his cuisine from his time at Blue Hill will be chomping at the proverbial bit to try it.

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            I agree with those who say to book now for Michael Anthony at GramTav in January! I'm doing that also, and he's a good friend of mine. His food is awesome, and it will only add to the glamour that already is GramTav.

        2. Have you tried Le Bernadin - we celebrated our 30th anniversary there. Great food,good friendly service and superb menu. We live in California and get to NY 3-4 times/year. always eat there nad has never failed us.

          1. If you can get in (which I think you may be able to do so), Babbo is amazing. My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary there and it was an incredible night! You definitely can keep it down to about $100 per person.