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Oct 31, 2006 06:21 PM

Killer King City al Pastor

anyone else tried this taqueria de Jalisco, at the intersection of Broadway and 2nd, in "downtown" King City? It's phenomenal. A few years ago, while shooting north on 101--back to my SF home--I pulled off hungry, roamed King City, and stumbled on the place. I had a few tacos I thought were much better than they had to be; surprisingly good. The place was also cheap, friendly, and immaculate. So yesterday, once again on 101 at lunch time, I poked around until I found it again. And this time I was even more impressed. The al Pastor tacos were brightly flavored, clean tasting ... phenomenal! They've also got tripe, tongue, head, and brain tacos, as well as all the usual meat fillings.

anyway, I seriously recommend this place to any and all chowhounds finding themselves on 101 in the Salinas Valley at a a suitable hour.

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  1. Thanks for posting about King City, DD. I've had many very good Mexican meals in that town, though not a Jalisco. One that I haven't posted about yet is Birrieria Colima on Broadway in the "downtown" area. I had birria de chivo for breakfast there that was just wonderful and my friends were happy with their huevos.

    1. which corner is it on? SE?

      If I remember, El Lugarcito is on NW, a regular dinner house on the NW, a taco stand on the SW (outdoor tables only--very clean and friendly) and a sit-down Mexican place on the SE.

      Thanks for the rec about Birreria Colima. One day I want to afford enough time to park and stroll the downtown and all its tiendas and restaurants. Have a feeling there are so good things there.

      I have stopped for pastries at a panaderia closer to the high school area of Broadway. Love their little piggies. This time of year they put pumpkin in them.

      1. I believe it was the SW corner--the place with the outdoor tables in front, looking like an old burger stand, like maybe it was a foster's freeze long ago. they actually have a few indoor tables, in a curious little room with TV usually playing soccer games (a very clean room). but that's the place, the taco stand. actively friendly and solicitous service, clearly proud of their food. self-respecting.

        I'd love to try the other places you two have mentioned. such an interesting little town, basically a Mexican town. I couldn't get a single english-language radio station down there. all those other restaurants ... the panaderia toodie jane mentioned. I saw that place and wondered ...

        and how are those other restaurants, toodie jane? the sit down ones?

        anyway, hopefully I'll be on 101 again soon.

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        1. re: Daniel Duane

          Here is my report on El Lugarcito, which I'd call more of a sit down place (they do have table service)...but I can't say I was thrilled with the tacos:

          1. re: susancinsf

            sounds like I was indeed eating at the taco place you'd mentioned.

        2. I decided to stop in King City on my way down to LA and find this taqueria. Boy am i glad I did (thanks Daniel Duane). Some of the best tacos I have ever tasted. In fact we stopped in again on our way back to SF. They are open all day (9:30-10:30) 7 days a week. Here are the details: TACOS LA POTRANCA DE JALISCO, 201 BROADWAY ST (at 2nd), KING CITY (831) 385-7500. It is katy corner to the El Lugarcito.

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          1. re: Sharon S.

            been trying to talk the owner into opening something down our way, but real estate is too tight! darn....

            1. re: Sharon S.

              we've just spent the night at the Coalinga exist from I-5, en route home to San Francisco. decided to go over to 101 for the rest of the trip (101 being less ugly than 5, basically)...found these postings re: King City and are now planning to find Broadway & 2nd lunchtime-wise. all these places sound v. v. v. cool.

              1. re: chairbc

                so we did stop in King City, looked at Tacos la Potranca de Jalisco, decided it was too raw (weather) out for standing at an outdoor counter to order, went across the street to El Lugarcito, had a wonderful lunch. we were the only Anglos in the place, near as we could tell, and were treated v. nicely. Ms. Margaret had carne asada tacos that she's still raving about (combination plate); I had chile verde burrito, also combo plate, both came with rice & refritos (maybe a little tepid), salad...I'd recommend this place to anyone. We DIDN'T order it, but octopus was on the menu--Lugarcito's main thing seems to be sea food. "Pulpo" seemed to betoken true seriousness on the restaurant's part.

                1. re: chairbc

                  my favorite at EL is the shrimp tostadas. Dressed very simply in a lime-cilantro-tomaltillo salsa, they are heaven. And we always get some fresh salsa to go when we stop there.