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Oct 31, 2006 05:56 PM

Chinese food in the triangle

Where can I find some good chinese food in the triangle? My wife and I used to like Neo China but the place has gone downhill over the last year or so. We absolutely love Charlie's in Chapel Hill for lunch. But it is a bit of a long trek.

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  1. good question... where is there good chinese in the triangle?... i guess the lack of responses answers this question... nowhere!!! i hate chain restaurants, but any time i crave chinese i end up at pf chang's... sadly to say. please, someone out there, save our souls with a good family-owned place.

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      Or maybe it just shows that most chowhounds have other responsibilities, like family and jobs, that don't allow them to hang out on the Chowhound board 24/7.

      One place that is popular with the Chinese faculty and students I've met who are here as part of the Duke Fuqua School of Business-Tsinghua University exchange program is 3-5 in Cary. Skip the buffet and order from the menu, though. Better yet, ask for the Chinese menu and order from it.

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      1. I had some pretty good chow fun and bok choy at Hunam on Aiport Rd in Chapel Hill. The chow fun had some kind of thin white sauce with shrimp and vegetables, never had it that way before in NY, but perhaps it's a different style? the place has a chinese menu and at least what i've ordered from it has been very tasty. very clean and well flavored. but i don't think there's a huge variety, even in terms of cantonese food.

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          To the best of my knowledge, the Chinese restaurants in Chapel Hill/Carrboro are as follows:
          -Gourmet Kingdom Buffet (I haven't eaten there but I know many people who have, and the general consensus is that the food is cheap, greasy, and may give you indigestion)
          -35 (in University Mall): also well known for its buffet, but you can also order dishes off the menu and by the pound. If you're looking for quick and don't mind greasy, it's not a bad option.
          -little shack of Franklin (I forget the name of the place, but it's across the street from Penang, and you can't sit in the restaurant, you can only get take-out). It's not terrible for Americanized Chinese, like lo mein
          -Jade Palace (Carrboro): has a couple decent dishes, but for the most part, pretty uninspired.
          -Hunam (off Airport Rd): again, a couple good dishes and the menu offers better variety than Jade Palace, but has been pretty hit or miss for me. If you're trying to be healthy, they do offer a couple "health-conscious" dishes. I like it as a quick take-out option.
          -Red Lotus (on Elliott Rd, past Whole Foods): probably the nicest restaurant atmosphere of all the restaurants above, but the food is very "Americanized" and more of a blend of different Asian cuisines than pure Chinese. I'd probably go here if you are looking to sit down somewhere.

          If you're looking for really good Chinese food though, I suggest driving to Durham or Raleigh...

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            Eastern lights in Durham is my favorite. Zero atmosphere that somehow works makes it all the more enticing.

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              Understand that it's not a "gourmet restaurant", per se.....but last Easter Sunday, my wife and I went to early morning services, and on the way home, about 11:00am, stopped into the Grand Asia Market on Fred Jones RD to pick up some seafood to boil that evening........Let me tell you, there were probably 150 college age Asian kids in there, chowing down on the Chinese buffet, which from personal experience, is quite good..and reasonable @ $6.49.

              Now, that could have been the only place open at that time of morning, but it was loaded, and the patrons clearly looked to be enjoying themselves!! "Haute cuisine", hardly....but, it got the job done!!

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                Try the beef noodle soup. Amazingly great comfort food.

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                  The restaurant portion of the Grand Asia is always really busy, or at least everytime I have stopped by it has been packed. Word to the wise, while the rest of the store takes credit cards the restaurant is cash only.

        2. Red Palace serves excellent and authentic Chinese. Skip the buffet and order from the menu. They are east of downtown Raleigh on New Bern Ave.

          1. i think charlies is closed down. :(

            I like jade palace in carrboro.