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Your restaurant in San Diego where you always order the same dish

What is(are) the restaurant(s) and what is the dish that is so good you are denied a chance to explore the rest of the items on the menu?

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  1. Hodad's. :P

    When I go to Pho T Cali, I always get the fresh steamed rice cake with Vietnamese salami, bologna, and BBQ pork. It's very seldom I order anything else.

    1. pollo asado burrito at Super Sergios.


      1. My goodness kare_raisu, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Anyhow, here is mine:

        Sweet & pungent chicken – China Max
        Tasty red chicken – Dao Son
        Single bacon cheeseburger – Hodads
        Fuego steak melt – Liar’s Club

        1. Dobson's mussel bisque en croute
          Steamed mussels at the Fishery (coincidence; not really a mussel maniac)
          Salt & Pepper shrimp at Viejas Fat City
          Tiropitas at Athens Market
          Breakfast: I always want to try some of those exotic pancakes or waffles, but can never pass up the imaginative egg dishers -- or the oatmeal -- at Adams Avenue Grill.

          1. Pacifica Del Mar - Salmon
            Pampelmousse - Lobster stew
            Dobsons - Mussel bisque
            Fidels - Fajitas
            Torrey Pines Lodge Bar - hamburger

            1. Brigantine's -- fish tacos
              Pamplemousse -- truffle fries

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              1. Anh Hong Pho Pasteur, Mesa College Drive and Linda Vista Road: cellophane noodles with five-spice chicken. This is not on the menu, but the owner has always prepared it for me. I've been eating at Pho Pasteur on and off for 20 years.

                1. Lobster and rosemary ravioli at Tratoria Positano. Panna cotta at Nine Ten. Carrot bread pudding at Asia Vous. (Yeah, you could say I have a bit of a sweet tooth.)

                  1. I've eaten my way through most of the menu but find myself ordering the (beef) Tacos Mojadas at Mama Testa's most of the time. These are the rolled tacos in a spicy broth with the side plate of lime, onions and cilantro.

                    1. Mission Coffee Cup- they always make the oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes for me whether they are on the menu or not. I can't wait to eat there in a few weeks.

                      1. Bacon cheeseburger at HOdads. It is the best bacon cheeseburger. The way they cook the bacon is very interesting.

                        Lobster bisque at Red Tracton's.
                        Tacos al pastor at Tacos el gordo.

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                          It's not just the way they cook the bacon, but the kind of bacon as well. I forget what it is, but it's not the standard strips.

                          Myself, I get the MINI bacon-cheese at Hodad's. The full size is just too gigantic.

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                            Can't argue with the bacon-cheeseburger at Hodad's. I've eaten burgers in every American timezone after asking locals where to find the town's finest burgers. This is without a doubt the best. About every two months, a friend of mine in Santa Barbara makes a trip to San Diego just for a Hodad's bacon-cheese burger. Of course, I'm FORCED to join him...

                          2. West Texas-style barbeque, to which I am also addicted, is the most closely matched in San Diego by a small place on Fletcher (between the Flour Power Bakery and Baskin Robbins) in Fletcher Hills, across from some thrift stores. Always get the small sliced beef plate - it's smoked meat, with the sauce served on the side (as proper WT barbeque should be). Side of beans (which are the only disappointment - these are very much tasting like baked beans from the Northeast rather than "true" ranch-style beans) and side of slaw. Portions are generous and the two of us get out of there for about $12 total.

                            The only difference in the meat is that they use Oak instead of Mesquite to smoke it. So, it's not completely authentic, but it is very good. I ~think~ the place is named "The Barbeque Pit" but I never look at the sign - the car knows the way and my nose takes up the trail when we're within a block of the place.
                            : )

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                              It is the Barbeque Pit, we've been eating there for years. My mom loves the place and the guy that runs it because they're really nice to old people ;-)

                            2. Mission Coffee Cup-- papas loco (potatos, black beans, fresh jalepenos, cebolloitos, avacado, sour cream, salsa) scrambled eggs optional

                              1. Market-on Via De La Via in Del Mar: short ribs

                                1. Lido's - eggplant parmigiana. They have good pizza too, but I always end up getting the eggplant.

                                  Buenos Dias taco shop in La Mesa - Potato, Cheese, and Sour Cream Burrito with guacamole.