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Oct 31, 2006 05:46 PM

Carmel Apples in Bev. Hills?

Hey Y'all,

I want to go out a lunch time and get some carmel apples for my office mates. Is there a place in the Bev. Hills area where I can buy such a thing? I am also willing to pick up some other type of treat if there is a great recommendation for the neighborhood.

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  1. I think Boule on La Cienega, just north of Melrose, has some kind of candy/carmel apples. May be pricey for office mates though. You may want to call to be sure: 310-289-9977

    1. I just called and confirmed that the have them at:

      Edelweiss Chocolates
      444 N. Canon Dr., B.H.
      (310) 275-0341

      Call them first before you go (i.e., how many, with nuts, ect).