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Best Laptop-Friendly Places

I'm looking for places that are T-accessible and are laptop-friendly... by that I mean that they won't mind you taking up a table for 2-3 hours and have some sort of access to an electrical outlet. Any type of food would be good, as long as it's tasty. I'm looking for any kind of restaurant, not just cafes.

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. trident cafe at the bar on newbury street is great.

    1. Thanks to Newbury Open Net, it's not just the Trident, but also Sonsie, Boloco, and Armani Cafe. I've plunked down for a couple of hours at Sonsie in the morning, paying the rent with coffee, pastries, and water. They kind of nudge you along once the lunch crowd starts showing up.

      1. Try Mariposa Bakery (Central) for sandwiches, baked goods, free wireless.

        1. For lunch spots, you could try Soleil Cafe in Teele Sq or True Grounds in Ball Sq. if Somerville is convenient for you. I wrote the bulk of my Master's thesis at these two places and never got moved along. True Grounds gets very crowded, so get there by 10am for a table and start with one of their yummy breakfast sandwich on iggy's bread, served until 1pm. They also have a killer grilled cheese. Soleil Cafe is much easier to find a table at noon or 1pm, and the food is often quite good - some creative sandwiches. I like the Saigon, their take on bahn mi. Amd also the egg salad wrap which is huge and includes bacon! Usually some interesting sides. I don't know about wireless at Soleil.

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            True Grounds is excellent. It has free wireless, really, really good baked goods and sandwiches, and great coffee. It would have been my #1 suggestion if the OP didn't mention T accessibility. Unfortunately, True Grounds is about a 15 minute walk from Davis Square. If that's not prohibitive, I highly recommend it.

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              I'm actually fine with driving around the Medford/Somerville area... I just don't want to be driving around downtown if I can help it.

              What time does True Grounds close?

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                That's the only downside - they close at 7PM every night.

          2. I've spent many hours online at the Miracle of Science in Central Sq. They'll plug you in at the bar and let you nurse a beer or a bite to eat. I try to avoid hanging out during lunch or right after work as it gets crowded. During off hours it's great though.

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              Is it free wi-fi or is there a fee?

            2. I've seen folks plugged in at both Diesel and Carberry's in Davis Square (Then o'naturals and soon to be Boloco, bleh)

              The avocado salad at Diesel is really good if you want to feel a little bit virtuous while you hang out. Basically field greens, a good balsamic vinaigrette and a half avocado sliced on top. They will give you good bread and you can make avocado sandwiches if you are so inclined.

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                I like Diesel. It's huge and there's always a place to work. I think the pesto in the Little Piston sandwich is surprisingly delicious, and the bread and veggies are good quality also. The reasons I would hesitate to recommend it are generaly loudness and occasional acutely flamboyant clientele.

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                  I've always found the back of Diesel to be a very good place to work before 6pm (when the pool playing begins). The front is pretty noisy and it's also right on the street.

                  Most of their sandwiches are excellent and the booths are comfortable.

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                    diesel is one of the best places to sit and work for long periods of time without interruption. they have lots of room and will leave you alone forever. lots of people around you working too.

                    the caveat - as long as you dont need wi-fi. they charge an arm and a leg for it.

                    the food and coffee are fine but neither are my favorite. just ok.

                    re: the comment about "acutely flamboyant clientele" - one thing i will really say to diesel's credit is that is is perhaps the most comfortable "safe space" i have seen in the boston area for queer and trans folks. i like that about them a lot and dont think it is a reason to avoid them.

              2. Darwin's, on Cambridge St between Inman and Harvard Squares.

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                  I agree with Darwin's...free wifi, great sandwiches, pastries and coffee. Plus, they don't move you along. The only minus is that it can get busy and hard to find a table. The other Darwin's just off Harvard Square is a bit cooler, but smaller and more crowded. Plus, they apparently turn wireless off during peak hours.

                2. A list of all of the Newbury Street locations is available from <http://www.newburyopen.net/>. Of the places, I like Trident and the Espresso Royale at Newbury & Gloucester (there is also free wi-fi at the other Espresso Royale locations as well) for the best bang for the buck.

                  The Similans is on First Street in East Cambridge. They are the sister restaurant to Brown Sugar and offer pretty good Thai cuisine and free wi-fi (perhaps because of the proximity to MIT). The Cambridgeside Galleria also has WiFi, if you can stand the fast food that's there. I would definitely not recommend the Cambridge Brewing Co in Kendall Square -- lighting is pretty awful and there are no plugs.

                  There are more wifi spots listed at <http://wififreespot.com/mass.html>. I notice that Darwin's apparently has free wifi too. Haven't checked that out but I may need to some time soon!

                  Oh, and Emack and Bolio's in JP Center also has free wifi in it and plugs too.

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                    the emack and bolio's in jp shut down suddenly a few months ago; however, they are supposed to reopen soon with new ice cream machines or something. i always found it a somewhat unpleasant space; sweet finnish (across the street) is generally better, though they don't have very many outlets.

                  2. any tips on laptop-friendly/free wi-fi cafes in the the brookline/brighton area?