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The Best Yogurt in New York

On a thread on the Outer Boroughs board, catherine wrote "the fresh yogurt, especially, is a wonderful find -- there's such a lack of good yogurt in this country." She was talking about Tony and Tina's pizza, the great Albanian burek place on Arthur Ave in the Bronx, where they have a fantastic tangy strained yogurt. A filling coffee cup's worth for $1. [The thread is here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...


As someone who loves the creamy tangy yogurt of her motherland (Iran), I know what it's like to pine for the good stuff. And admittedly, little here compares to the good stuff. But still, there is good stuff out there.

Ronnybrook farms is a NY State dairy that makes incredible creamy yogurt that's the best stuff I've had in this country. I get the full fat plain--it's much more sour than standard US yogurt, in a great, delicious way. They have a shop in Chelsea market, and are at Union Sq twice or three times a week and at Tompkin Sq park on Sundays. http://ronnybrook.com/site_new/home_s...

Also great is the yogurt shop on Sullivan street. Their yogurt is a strained Greek yogurt that you can find at Fairway and Sahadi's, but getting it at the shop means that you can get it topped with their delicious stewed fruit puree and nuts.

I know there's more out there. What are your favorites?

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  1. I'm very partial to the full fat strained Greek yogurt at The Yogurt Place. The original shop is in Elmhurst, Queens, and there's one in Soho, too. If you buy it with toppings (granola, nuts, honey, etc.) it's a seriously wonderful dessert. Their spinach pies are excellent too. The owners are just as nice as their food is delicious. I haven't been in a while, and hope both shops are up and running.

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      Thanks, Pat. That's the place I meant on Sullivan Street, and the (straightforward) name was escaping me. That one was definitely up and running about a month ago, though I can't comment on the Queens location, which I've never been to.

      They have a chicken pie there that's also fantastic. It's got great spicing, and is mixed with nuts.

      A snack from there, and a slice from Grandaisy Bakery (formerly Sullivan St Bakery) makes an awesome lunch.

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        Im enjoying the greek style whole milk yogurt from Trader Joes, which is luscious (I prefer to Total), as well as a product called Desi Dahi sold in indian groceries in NJ - probably in the city too, also in the whole milk version - it is not strained, and much superior to most domestic yogurt.

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          I LOVE Desi Dahi yogurt. I've tried pretty much all the yogurts that were mentioned in this thread, but Desi Dahi just taste so well balanced and creamy. I like Skyr too, but Desi Dahi isn't $4 per 8 oz serving.

    2. I eat Fage Total but mostly cause it's all I can get in the Brooklyn bodega by where I live. Thanks for the heads up on where to get the Ronnybrook brand; Ive had it, it's good!

      1. The Yogurt Place in Elmhurst is alive and well, with a bigger selection of pastries (both savory and sweet) than Sullivan St. The same great yogurt, though.

        1. I agree with Ronnybrook Farms--their yogurt is delicious!

          1. Likitsakos makes their own Greek lebni style yogurt and it's really rich and delicious. I haven't had the others listed here, so I have no basis for comparison, but I've been a fan of Likitsakos for years. The main store is on Lexington and 80th, there's another smaller one on 86th and Lex, and another even smaller 24 hour outpost with a different name on 86th between 1st and 2nd. The best is from the main store, occasionally I'll get one that's close to fermented from the others, or one with fresh fruit added that's curdled because the fruit's a little acidic. Still not a deterrent, though!

            1. As far as non-fresh yogurt avail on the shelves, I love Siggy's icelandic-style yogurt. its nonfat but tastes like full fat, and uses agave nectar instead of sugar/sweeteners. its made in NY state by an icelandic expat. For full-fat, Liberty yogurt is &*$%ing amazing. Basically is creme fraiche with delicicious jam.

              177 Bridge Plz N, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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                I recently moved from San Francisco and have been trying to find yogurt that measures up to the artisanal yogurt I enjoyed in California, St Benoit. It's packaged in a beautiful ceramic container that's recyclable. If you find yourself in California, treat yourself. Unfortunately, they have no plans for wider distribution. http://www.stbenoit.com/

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                  Thanks for the tips on Ronnybrook- now I have to try it and the Desi Dahi, too!

                  I'm a fan of the thick Greek style yogurts but need to settle for the Fage or Stonyfields on a daily basis becuase of convenience (they are the only brands in my neighborhood grocery store.)

                  But thought i'd chip in with 2 other names I haven't seen on this topic:

                  I like the yogurt served at Uncle Nick's (with honey & walnuts, of course!) Thick (so stiff, you can stand your spoon up in it and deliciously tangy!)

                  I also like Liberte, a Canadian yogurt. It's sold in the occasional deli- but so far haven't run into it in Brooklyn as of yet. Super rich and quite tasty. (possibly the tastiest commercially packaged yogurt I've tried) I try to buy it when I have the good fortune to come across it.

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                    they definitely have liberte at fairway in manhattan, so i expect you'd find it at the red hook store as well. i'm less of a fan of ronnybrook than i was in 2006 (their plain yogurt is too liquid, and too sour for my taste, and the food in their chelsea market shop is completely lackluster). my current plain yogurt favorite is "seven stars farms" (also found at fairway).

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                      White Cow available at Murrays cheese

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                        Rose, I just moved to new york and am desperate to find seven stars farm yogurt, my favorite i nthe whole wide world. I visited their farm even, it is precious. So you can find it at fairway, is there anywhere else?

                        thank you!

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                          yes, you can join basisfoods and they deliver to a big portion of the city. It's kind of like a modified csa... I've been eating more of the 7 stars but I find it a bit too thin for my liking... though it is really really tasty!

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                            thank you so much!!! and this on my first day of joining chowhound.

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                            Welcome to NY and chowhound! They definitely have it at Fairway, and may or may not jab it at whole foods. A similar option, though somewhat more bland, is Hawthorne Valley Farm yogurt, which you can find at fairway and the union square, Inwood and other greenmarkets

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                              They have Seven Stars Yogurt at the Garden in Greenpoint. They also carry my favorite super tangy yogurt from Nancy's from Oregon.