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Oct 31, 2006 05:29 PM

Hotel Palomar Restaurant

Has anyone been to the Central 214 restaurant in the Hotel Palomar. I have heard that it's expensive.

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  1. Good question. I'm skeptical of the whole Palomar place in general. There's something funny about taking an ugly building and converting it into ultralux condos / hotel.

    Central 214 got a brief mention in D Home Blog,
    but all I could glean is that the dessert menu sounds tasty.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I am a relativist, when it comes to '60s architecture. The Kimbell, SI! The Holiday Inn, NOOOOO!

        But I bet the new restaurant would do well to have a tasting menu reflecting the '60s sensibility: rumaki au gelee de raisin Welch, batons de poisson de l'ecole vieille, pot roast au soupe d'oignon Lipton, pommes de terre au gratin, les haricots verts au casserole, le gateau "grasshopper." Scott's "Fickle 500" would be all over it for a couple of weeks.

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        1. re: Kirk

          LOL.... what'd you do, run that through Google Translate?

          1. re: interference

            naah. I have it on good authority he is his own translator and just too modest to let anyone know the number of languages he speaks. But I do believe Kirk began his language pursuits by studying menus (LOL)!

          2. re: Kirk

            Hey, don't forget the celery with peanut butter and raisins. I don't know how you translate that to funky french.

            1. re: simply_victoria

              "Fourmis sur un rondin" aka "ants on a log," No?

          3. I've been to Central 214 three times now, twice for lunch and once for dinner. I consider the food to be very good and reasonably priced. The service is another matter. It ranges from horrible to just okay. Nevertheless, if you want to try a new place, it's worth visiting.

            1. Yo! THIS IS NOT an ugly building.
              It's a CLASSIC!!
              My dad used to bartend at the Trader Vic's there.
              So happy the new owners moved to moonies/drug addicts out of there and restored some much needed glory to this space.
              BRUNCH RULES.