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Oct 31, 2006 05:27 PM

Ressie Maes Soul Food to Go

Just opened two weeks ago, across the street from the Port Authority on 8th Ave. Went with a friend today for take out. We both had catfish with sides: collard greens, cole slaw and potato salad. What we ate was great, and what we didn't get makes us want to pencil in a lunch there every week for the next few weeks...They have breakfast, (waffles and chicken on the menu), and they have coconut pineapple cake, (slices to go), sweet potato and key lime mini pies, and peach cobbler. Would love to hear about their ribs, grits and mac n cheese, but right now I'm too stuffed from lunch to imagine eating anything else.

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  1. Anyone have a reliable # for this place? I called the number posted on urban spoon (212-382-3886) and it is disconnected...

    1. the food sounds divine--pineapple coconut cake, waffles and chicken-I love it--I must go and have lunch there real soon--warming comfort food especialy with the weather we are having of late--

      1. Yeah this place has been making quite an impression. Midtown Lunch did a write up about it that has been making the rounds around the net.

        1. Just called Amy Ruth's to ask about the phone at Ressie Mae's. The guy who answered said that he has no new number and that they're no longer affiliated with Ressie Mae's.

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          1. re: squid kun

            Yesterday, the NY Daily News did a story about this place and I just read it this morning. It sounds like a place to get some really good southern food. And I adore chicken & waffles for breakfast. LOL (I'll be making some this weekend).

            Unfortunately though, I just called the phone # listed in the article and it's
            "temporarily disconnected."

            1. re: Kris

              I'm at work and a colleague and I just ordered. The number is 212-382-3886. Warning: when we gor our stuff, the iced tea didn't have any ice. (but the crabcakes and collard greens were good)

          2. Ressie Mae's soul food is gone. Midtown lunch reported it