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Oct 31, 2006 05:14 PM

Private Dining for 12

I need private dining accomodations for 12 on Thursday night. Davios is booked and Legal's won't return my calls. I've done a search and I've tried Au Jour d'Hui and they don't even answer the phone.

Italian would probably be best. Do any upscale restaurants in the North End have private dining accomodations?


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  1. Taranta on Hanover St. in the Northend does: as does Mamma Maria:

    1. Rustic Kitchen has moved to the Park Square area into the space in the Radisson hotel (formerly the 57). They say on their web site that they have a wide variety of function space. Have not eaten there yet so can't vouch for the food.

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        Thanks!! A friend just got me private dining at Via Matta.