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Oct 31, 2006 05:14 PM

Foodie Souveniers from Paris

DH is traeling to Paris in a couple of days and I need to know what he should bring home.

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  1. Maybe a loaf or two of pain d'epice - the traditional dense gingerbread loaf that is so unctuous and wonderful served hot with custard but also has some interesting savoury uses - for example as thickener in stews like the Flemish carbonade - see Chocolate & Zucchini recipe here:

    Also, jars of fond de veau are easily and relatively cheaply available. A touch improves almost all savoury dishes.

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      My favorite things to bring home, for both myself and for friends are the varied Fleur de Sels.
      I have been able to find some interesting varieties in unlikely places, such as wine shops.

    2. Laduree Marcaroons - wonderful - especially if he can pick them up just before he leaves:

      If you hit "next" at the bottom right of the photo, you can click through the flavors ... I'm already in pain ... can I stop at Fauchon on the way home for a substitute.

      Edit - and the rue Royale location is preferable, IMHO, to the Champs Elysee one - not that the macaroons would be any different.

      1. Leopold Gourmel cognac (particularly the age des epices.) We bought three bottles at Fauchon and regularly gnash our teeth over the fact we didn’t buy more!

        I also found some really charming small glass olive oil containers there, which I used for making infusions. They were so pretty I could bring them right to the table.

        1. there is a lot of relly cool food equipment, including knives and gadgets that you can ́t find anywhere else at Delherrain near the old Les Halles...lots of copper and it ́s hard place to leave...I always pick up a couple of their house paring knives for gifts...

          1. those terrific little dark-chocolate-covered orange-peel thingies from dalloyau, whose macaroons are right up there with laduree's. and of course a pot or two of foie gras, mi cuit, customs permitting.