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Oct 31, 2006 05:07 PM

Favorite Natto Recipes

Yes, I know its an acquired taste and quite stinky, but I love the stuff and yes I eat it for the health benefits but I also eat it for the taste (believe it or not).

These are my favorite ways to prepare it:

-stir fried with rice, egg, scallions, karashi, soy sauce, and cut up korean seaweed
-mixed with sliced raw okra, quail egg yolk, katsuoboshi, karashi, sauce packet it comes with, and sliced green onions. Iput all of this on top of some fresh white rice and pick it up with squares of korean seaweed.
-I just finished eating this: cubed radish kimchi (I took whole radish kimchi + their tops and died them up), karashi, sauce packet, katsuoboshi, on top of fresh rice and picked those up withkorean seaweed.

I'm sure you notice a pattern here, Kimchi goes extremely well with natto. Unfortunately I don't have any old "spoiled" kimchi, which would probably taste better with the natto.

does anyone have any good recipes where they cook natto?

oh, and good thing I'm still in my pajamas, because I have natto strings all over me

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  1. Natto's one of the very few things I've tried that I really disliked.

    I didn't find it stinky, just bland with a disgusting appearance and texture.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      ): I like the snotty texture and I dont think it's bland at all. Even though I mix it up with kimchi, the natto still stands out

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Count me in as another who finds natto boring. It's sticky, but other than that it doesn't taste that much different from any other type of bean. Judging from all the hype you think it'd be real pungent like bleu cheese, but it's actually disappointingly mild.

      2. Natto is one of my favorite foods too, about 4 packs in the freezer right now.

        I really like it with the tempura crispies ['tenkasu'] and green onion, with shiso leaf for breakfast handrolls.

        If you can get your hands on black bean [kuromame] natto, it is the o-toro of nattos. It is the best.

        Daikon-oroshi is good.

        Tempura fried natto pancakes.

        Came across natto curry one time.

        Could make a natto sandwich- probably good with melted cheese. [never tried similar to pork sung sandwich idea though]

        I cant remember what they made but try an internet search of the iron chef natto battle- may give you ideas.

        On a side note: I heard of a really pungent korean natto...anyone came across this item?

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        1. re: kare_raisu

          yes, my mother loves the stuff - I'm not japanese btw, i'm part korean.

          my mother has never had natto, so I think when I go to visit her for the holidays I will bring some natto to her. If she likes the korean version, she should like the japanese

        2. 1) Natto + thin-slivers of Yamaimo + thinly sliced Okra + included sauce packet/mustard + Hondashi = Mmmmmmmmmm!

          To which I'll sometimes add a raw egg and/or grated Yamaimo as well...

          2) Natto + included sauce packet + thin-slivers of Yamaimo + Negi (green onions) + Hondashi + eggs and milk to make a rolled omelet

          1. natto in omelet sounds fabulous!

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            1. re: bitsubeats

              Yes, it's one of my favorite omelettes. (Another omelette I like to make is with Masago and Hondashi. There I go again with the egg and Hondashi - they go very well together...)

              1. re: bitsubeats

                As well as the above recommendations, I also enjoy the following:
                Natto spaghetti which is something I will serve to people unfamiliar with Natto to help accustom them to the taste.
                Natto, canned tuna (drained), green onion - mix together with flavor packets and extra shoyu, then add hot spaghetti (with butter) and top with cut onori.

              2. Well I also like natto aka stinky and sticky beans :) I have been bless to experience it here in Japan. I am from good ole Ridgeville, SC. So I haven't had the pleaser of tasting it till now. I like natto on hot rice with green onions. Yummmmmy!!! I would love to find other good ways to eaten it. Yes, please bring on more Natto :D