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Oct 31, 2006 04:46 PM

gougeres (SEA)

Where can you get these in Seattle? Any good bakery that has them?

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  1. Campagne and the Cafe sometimes have them on the menu. They aren't that tough to make btw. I don't know if any bakeries have them though. Sorry.

    1. The last time we dined at Campagne, two little gougeres were served on a small plate as a complimentary amuse bouche, but they were served cold - mon dieu! They are infinitely better served hot, and as Mighty Mac said, they are pretty easy to make. There are tons of recipes for them on the net, the ingredients are simply a variation on the theme of butter, cheese, eggs and flour. Here's a link to get you started (this one calls for piping the batter, but you can just plop a spoonful gently if you don't have a piping tube:

      1. At Pair restaurant. Here is their website:

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! Please post if you know of any bakeries too

          1. I can tell you how to make them if you get desperate. Plus all the iterations from the batter. Yum.