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Oct 31, 2006 04:35 PM

Great Japanese in Queens

Hello everyone.

Looking for a great Japanese restaurant in Queens. The only thing is I cannot eat sushi, I am pregnant. I am not far from Sunnyside, Woodside area.

Thanks everyone

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  1. Great Japanese just doesn't exist in Queens. But you're very fortunate that you live close enough to Manhattan's east side, which has a good concentration of good-great Japanese places, so that's where you should be getting it.

    1. There is a very good Japanese place in Whitestone called Takara.
      I was there Fri. nite for some gyoza and sushi.
      I'd say half of the clientele were Japanese, having a very nice time.

      1. If I can't get to Manhattan, I like Joy's Cook on Roosevelt and 65th. The owners are very friendly.

        1. How about Yamakaze? They do a very fine noodle! It's owned by nepalese, but these guys know their way around a japanese noodle soup.