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Oct 31, 2006 04:34 PM

North End with Visiting Girlfriends

I know that the North End question gets asked frequently on this board, but I have two girlfriends visiting this weekend from out of town and am trying to decide on a place for catching up with good friends over great Italian and lots of red wine. I'm looking for North End atmosphere, but somewhat quiet. I was thinking about Euno - any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance for revisiting this old topic!

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  1. For cozy and quiet with good food, I love Sage. Though for a night out with my girlfriends, I love the lively atmosphere at Prezza (which I wouldn't really consider quiet).

    1. When I lived in the North End I generally took friends to L'Osteria if they wanted a traditional red sauce place. The food is good and not too expensive and they serve dessert and don't rush you. Never had anyone unhappy.

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        I like Limoncello, good staff, great food a little pricey but the atmosphere is great

      2. Lucca has an excellent wine list (and I also like their food very much as well).

        1. I second Limoncello. I always wind up there....don't miss the stuffed artichoke....order it when you sit down. The sharing of deliciousness will get the party started. I have had many things on the menu, and have never been disappointed. They do a great job of combining a family and festive feel. I hope you go.

          1. Euno is definitely very charming; the food's decent. If it's not the primary concern, you'll be happy there. If it is, I agree, I like Limoncello and Lucca, though the latter doesn't really have what I assume you mean by "North End atmosphere" (on the quaint side). Maurizio's is quite good as well (slight emphasis on Sardinia), but tiny.