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North End with Visiting Girlfriends

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I know that the North End question gets asked frequently on this board, but I have two girlfriends visiting this weekend from out of town and am trying to decide on a place for catching up with good friends over great Italian and lots of red wine. I'm looking for North End atmosphere, but somewhat quiet. I was thinking about Euno - any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance for revisiting this old topic!

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  1. For cozy and quiet with good food, I love Sage. Though for a night out with my girlfriends, I love the lively atmosphere at Prezza (which I wouldn't really consider quiet).

    1. When I lived in the North End I generally took friends to L'Osteria if they wanted a traditional red sauce place. The food is good and not too expensive and they serve dessert and don't rush you. Never had anyone unhappy.

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        I like Limoncello, good staff, great food a little pricey but the atmosphere is great

      2. Lucca has an excellent wine list (and I also like their food very much as well).

        1. I second Limoncello. I always wind up there....don't miss the stuffed artichoke....order it when you sit down. The sharing of deliciousness will get the party started. I have had many things on the menu, and have never been disappointed. They do a great job of combining a family and festive feel. I hope you go.

          1. Euno is definitely very charming; the food's decent. If it's not the primary concern, you'll be happy there. If it is, I agree, I like Limoncello and Lucca, though the latter doesn't really have what I assume you mean by "North End atmosphere" (on the quaint side). Maurizio's is quite good as well (slight emphasis on Sardinia), but tiny.

            1. Thanks all! I agree with the food being just decent at Euno - I just like the atmosphere. I haven't been to Limoncello, so I think I will might try it for something new.

              One other question - what do you guys think about Carmen as an option? I haven't been, but I've heard great things.

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                Carmen is VERY charming (a code word for tiny in this case). Good pasta, decent wine list. I've had many a pleasant night there.

                Leave it to the OPer to come up with one of the best options. :)

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                  The service was pretty lax when I went there last. My GF's pasta was served cold, with the cheese not melted. Flagging down the waitress took a while and then there was no apology, just "oh, you want it hot?", then she snatched her plate and it arrived 15 minutes later. With the screwup in timing we hardly were able to enjoy our meals together.

              2. We ended up at Limoncello on Saturday night, and I'm glad I took your advice! While the restaurant was a little bit loud and crowded (and also therefore pretty warm), it made for a festive atmosphere in which to enjoy a delicious meal.

                I'm not sure if he's the owner or not, but Maurizio greeted us and apologized profusely that our table wasn't ready in time for our reservation. We were sent to the back of the restaurant to wait (only ~10minutes) with glasses of wine on the house. He spent a few minutes chatting about Italy with us when he showed us to our table, and then also came over with a couple of rounds of the homemade limoncello after we were finished eating. He was very welcoming and really added to our North End experience.

                We had the stuffed artichoke, which was tasty but could have been hotter in temperature. We also split the lobster ravioli as an appetizer. It had good flavor and the pasta was just the right level of doneness - not gummy. I had the veal marsala entree and enjoyed it thoroughly - tender and flavorful.

                Not sure where the preferred parking is on that street - we valet parked at Mamma Maria's (told the valet we had a reservation there) for $15, which is $5 less than I've paid on Hanover Street in the past.

                After dinner we hit Modern Pastry for cannoli - shells were crisp and the cream was the perfect level of sweetness.

                Thanks again for your recos!