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Oct 31, 2006 04:32 PM

The best risotto youve ever had?

Latley ive been really into risotto there are just so many things you can do with it. And a couple of weeks ago my aunt gave me a really great recipe for Marrrow Risotto I cooked it last night and I think it was the best ive ever had I was very impressed with myself.

Although im 3 quarters italian its something my family never cooked when I was a kid

My other favourite would have to be Lobster risotto and Quartro Formaggio risotto which I have great recipes for both

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  1. this time of year try a pomergranate/lemon Risotto - prepare risotto as with any other recipe,add juice of 1 pomergranate (reserve a handful of seeds for garnish) at end of laddling,add juice of 1/2 lemon as you stir during cooking.
    garnish with reserved pomergranate and zest of i/2 lemon.
    Hint: if you use wine in your recipe be sure to warm it before adding. enjoy

    1. Seafood, saffron, and zucchini risotto; super fragrant and rich...recipe from an old Cucina Italiana.

      1. I could live on risotto the rest of my life, that's how much I love it.

        A couple of years ago, at Canaletto in Las Vegas, I had one with small chunks of very tender, high quality beef (I don't remember off hand what cut it was), porchini and Armagnac instead of using wine. It was insanely rich and satisfying. Wish I could find a recipe similar!

        1. A foie gras risotto a couple of years ago at Umbria in Boston -now THAT was rich, but really amazing. A great risotto is so satisfying. I remember someone posted on the Boston board that they thought risotto was overrated and that it was bland and boring. Can you imagine? so sad.

          1. This is slightly OT - but what I think would be incredible is a Hazan recipe for risotto with Amarone - but the stuff is so *%# expensive.

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              Wow - intriguing. That might be a good anniversary dinner. Which book is it in?

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                I think Essentials - but I'll check when I get home.