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Fancy Japanese Confectionery on Madison Ave?

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What's the name of that beautiful confectionery (I think it's on Madison Avenue) that sells Japanese confections like jellied cherries and other beautiful edible works of art?

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  1. Hmmm ... you have me curious ... is it a Japanese store? Not Takashimaya (5th) is it?

    1. Minamoto Kitchoan on 5th

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        It's definetly Minamoto Kitchoan at 608 5th Ave on 49th St.

        Their site: http://kitchoan.com/E/index.html

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          Yep, it's Minamoto. Thanks!! Been driving me crazy all morning.

      2. Maybe you're talking about Toraya which closed a couple of years ago.

        1. I LOVE Minamoto Kitchoan. They make amazing delicacies with seasonal ingredients. They're not too sweet, and the flavors are incredibly clean and delicate. There is one they sell in the fall with a persimmon jelly that is my fave. They make great gifts because of the beautiful packaging too.

          1. You may be thinking of Lady M Cake Boutique on E 78 St off Madison.