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Oct 31, 2006 04:27 PM

Ice Cream at Manuel Latruwe

Besides their ham/cheese croissants (which are really like a croque monsier because of the bechamel/gruyere slathered all over) I now have a new reason to go there after trying their ice cream this weeknd.
I find it hard to buy a good pistachio ice cream, and theirs is amazing. I love this place!

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  1. 4 other reasons to love ML:

    1. Blue Cheese Bread. Even non-blue cheese fans love it.
    2. Croissants
    3. Hot Chocolate - melted Callebaut choc... not too sweet, real chocolate. Mmmmmm.
    4. Walnut Pecan bread - toasted with butter, it's good enough to get you (read me) out of the dog house once in a while :)

    But the ice cream is really good.

    1. I agree on all points Yen except for the blue cheese bread- I love blue cheese, but in bread it just tastes like moldy bread. IMHO.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        John! Have you tried their blue cheese bread? Moldy bread? Im devastated! :)

        1. re: yen

          Of course I've tried it- and I hated it. It tasted like moldy bread.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Bah. No accounting for some people's taste :P

      2. I walk down from Renfrew to have coffee and a croissant there whenever I want to feel better about the world. Though I am a big fan of Ladybug, I feel Latruwe might have the edge.

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        1. re: Gobstopper

          Just curious about Ladybug, didn't the owner of Ladybug used to work at ML? I recall seeing her there before Ladybug opened. I'm a fan of ML as well although the prices have creeped up lately. Oh, try the stratciacella (sp?) ice cream, it's excellent.

          1. re: GordMM06

            She did work at ML, I heard there was some bad blood when she left too.

            1. re: Beks

              well yes, haven't you noticed that her ham and cheese croissants look identical? NOt to mention some other things. I know many people who refuse to frequent her stall on principle and out of loyalty to ML. In any case, ML needn't worry, their quality is still superior.

              1. re: alex8alot

                I actually asked her once if she had worked at ML (just to make conversation) and she got a little snarky. So no more visits to her booth. And the ML products do taste better.

        2. Where is Manuel Latruwe ?

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          1. re: JWh

            Next to Bernard Callebaut headquarters, on MacLeod SE between 13th Avenue and 14th Avenue.

          2. Of course!!
            I know exactly where it is.