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Oct 31, 2006 04:21 PM

del posto review?

anyone eaten at batali's newest place, del posto? i love lupa and babbo is always fun but i have to admit im somewhat wary of this new endeavor, it being all 'fancy' and all. whos been there???

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  1. There have been a number of reviews and posts on Del Posto. You may want to do a search of the board.

    1. we were there on 10/21... we have been to both babbo and lupa, and loved them both. i have to say that i was very impressed with del posto. it is a great place to celebrate a special occasion (we were celebrating our anniversary). the wine list is very extensive but the sommelier was very helpful and picked out a great bottle of barolo for us. i had the venison and was worried that it would be a bit too gamey for me, but it was delicious. my wife, who is much harder to please than me, was blown away. she loved the atmosphere. she said she felt like she was dining in a 1940s movie, which i thought was a very good analogy. although it is definitely more expensive than babbo, it is well worth it. we even saw lidia mingling with guests in the bar area before dinner. the service was top notch and what was even better was the gratis cookie cart at the end of the meal. if you are a fan of babbo and lupa, you MUST try del posto!