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Oct 31, 2006 03:45 PM

question about Ruth Chris' Steakhouse......

A buddy of mine is coming to visit me from Kansas City, and I thout this would be a good place to take him.

But I wanted to know what are the pricese like here are they as expensive as Morton's? I usually get a porterhouse when I go out for a steak.

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  1. All the high-end steakhouses are similarly priced. Steaks run low to high 30s and sides are usually $7-10.

    Morton's is a dungeon, really bad.

    There are less expensive, and in my opinion, much better places to get a great piece of meat (in addition to other interesting things) around the city than the high(over)-priced steakhouses.

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      examples of which include:.....???

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        I've really enjoyed Lumiere's steak entree, which changes regularly depending on the best cuts available.

        The steak frites at many of the french places around the city are very good.

        I've had great meat at ECG, Helmand (lamb), Via Matta, and Harvest and a few other places escaping me.

        I guess I'm not much of a hunk of meat, mashed potato, and steamed broccoli kind of guy. For those meals, I'd rather go to Frank's, get tanked, see some cabaret, and crawl out for around $40.

    2. Per the Globe's review of the local Ruth's Chris franchise, dated December 2005:

      Appetizers, soups, salads $6.25 - $12.95; steaks, chops $29.95 - 42.95; porterhouse for two $82.95; entrees $19.95 - $37.95; desserts $9.95 - 10.95.

      1. You sure he hasn't already been? They have a Ruth's Chris in Kansas City.

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          1. You've got a friend coming to Boston from KC and you want to take him out for a steak? No offense, but might I humbly suggest that this would be like taking a friend from Mexico out for enchiladas? Why not show him what we Bostonians eat that he CAN'T get better and cheaper at home?

            Seafood comes to mind, or any of the great ethnic places that's he's unlikely to find in the midwest, or if he's a straight-ahead meat and potatoes guy, Durgin Park to at least show him a local institution instead of a chain.

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              He's never been, he just goes to school there in KC. He's originally from Medford