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Park City - Just one dinner

OK, I am coming to Utah for a conference in SLC. But, I am headed to Park City area for one day. I have done some research and some reading on here. Will probably just wander around and wing it for a light lunch, but want to do a great dinner that night with my friend who is joining me. I am debating between these places, which should I go to?
- The Mariposa
- Purple Sage
- The Tree Room
- The Glitretind
- Blind Dog Grill

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  1. The Tree Room is a bit of a drive from Park City ... but I quite like it. If you're up for a drive, then I'd go for that.

    Otherwise, I'd go Blind Dog Grill (good meat loaf and sushi in the same place, go fig), Glitretind, or the Mariposa.

    1. My choice would be the Mariposa. We've never been disappointed when we're out that way.

      1. If you are going to be in Park City before Deer Valley Resort opens for the ski season, The Mariposa can't be one of your choices. I believe DV is opening on 12/2 this year.
        I would choose between The Mariposa and The Glitretind. The atmosphere of each is different. Mariposa is a little dark and quiet while Glitretind is brighter and warm. I have enjoyed my dinners at Glitretind more than the ones I've had at Mariposa. The food was excellent at both, but the entire experience and atmosphere just felt better at Glitretind. If you want wine, The Glitretind is a good place to go. A good selection of wines from around the world with a wide price range. I've never been steered wrong with recommendations from Cara, the sommelier. Let her know what you like, what you are having for dinner, and your price range.

        1. thanks for the information about mariposa. any more input?

          1. Blind Dog is fabulous!! I've had 3 amazing dinners there. Check out their website for more menu info and even a recipe for their famous upscale meatloaf.

            Tree Room worth the drive from Park City...at Redford's Sundance resort. His Park City restaurant, Zoom, is right on main street.

            1. Yes, The Blind Dog has really good meatloaf and crabcakes. But, I've never felt comfortable there. It's one of the places where all the local real estate agents and their friends dine. The servers seemed a little "snooty" for my tastes. I don't want "I'm rich from selling all those Mcmansions" attitude that permiates the air to detract from my $22 meatloaf or my $33 crabcakes. It always seemed like a private club and I was crashing their dinner.

              As for Zoom, the husband and I go there a couple times a year for a light dinner. He likes their burgers. I like the portabella sandwich and the turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich. They have a good side of seared spinich and onions, too. I've never had a full dinner entre there. If you are a twosome, you can usually get seats at the kitchen counter instead of waiting a long time for a table. NOTE: Zoom is closed for renovations now and is scheduled to open the beginning of December. There hasn't been any talk that I've heard if they'll make that or not. There is a uber-high-end condo project going in right behind them. They decided to take some time while the construction was started to do renovations. That construction also shut down Easy Street restaurant until after the project is totally completed. The owners say that ES will come back, but some of us wonder if it really will after a few years' closure.

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              1. but, at the same token, it's not like Mariposa and Glitretind is where the hoi polloi eat either. It's a resort town. Things are priced higher, quality will be expected to be highter (usually), and there's always 'tude.

                So, again
                Glitretind should be open. Blind Dog has good upscale meatloaf and seafood. Mariposa is good if it's open. And Tree Room is worth a drive if you have a car.

                Personally, I'd get a car and head to the Tree Room.

                1. Tree Room it is. Just made the reservation.

                  1. sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

                    Tree Room is very good. I've only been there twice, but both times were satisfying. If you eat red meat and want to try something "exotic", try the elk loin. My husband had it and loved it. If you like lamb, the Morgan Valley lamb is always good. It's locally raised lamb.

                    for wasabai, yes, the mariposa caters to the tourist crowd. but, you would be surprised that the Glitretind does a good local business. It's the best Sunday brunch around. The Thursday night wine dinners are a good value. Chef Zanes does a 4th of July BBQ that is always sold out. If you have a sweet tooth, Pastry Chef Raymond does some amazing desserts.

                    I'd suggest Sushi Maru if you want sushi. It's really a local's place - Mikey has been followed everywhere he has been, so he doesn't need to advertise. The Blind Dog is considered a local's place, too. But, it's just not comfortable to me. I've been to Wahso once, and I had a good time there. The one thing I remember about it was the fantastic saketinis. Some of my husband's clients always want to go to Grappa when they come to town. We go, but only because they are paying. It's upscale Italian, but I always thought it was overpriced for what was served and the service seemed a little cold and at times seemed to be condescending.
                    Now, if you want a real local's spot, go to Adolph's. It used to be located on the public golf course, but had to move when a hotel was built there. It's probably the longest operating restaurant in town. Adolph still runs kitchen and puts out a good dinner. The husband's clients have taken us there a few times, too. It's another place where everyone who had the elk loin said it was very good.